Reality TV star: ‘I’m not the drama queen’

Cindy Huang | 4/3/2015, 10:21 p.m.
Reality TV is a breeding ground for drama and squabbles. But one star, Lisa Nicole Cloud of Bravo’s “Married to ...
Lisa Nicole Cloud of the Bravo reality TV show “Married to Medicine” started her own clothing line and a nonprofit to help women pursue their passions. Photo by Sandra Sellars

“What is another way you can change the content on TV? Produce the content,” Ms. Cloud said.

More importantly, she said, she wants creative control of her own show to be true to who she is and not cave to the “pressures of whatever people want to see.”

Ms. Cloud credits her mother for her industrious business sense. Growing up in Baltimore, she watched her mother succeed — and sometimes fail — at her business projects.

When Ms. Cloud attended Emory University in Atlanta, she worked full time as a bank manager at MBNA. She maintained good grades to participate in a tuition reimbursement program through the bank.

“I’ve always been resourceful,” Ms. Cloud said.

She then worked for a health care company in Atlanta and later met her husband working in the pharmaceutical sales business in the Washington, D.C., area.

Ms. Cloud said despite her husband’s achievements, he doesn’t get wrapped up in the prestige of his profession.

“If you met him, you wouldn’t know he’s a doctor,” Ms. Cloud said.

The two also will be working together on Fashion for a Cause, she said, a charity event slated for May that raises money through fashion shows and partners with the nonprofit organization MedShare to send medical supplies and doctors to Haiti.

“We’re very God-centered,” Ms. Cloud said.

She jokes that she has the unconventional role of being the breadwinner in the family because of her business success. And she wants to continue to build new business ventures with her husband to “build a legacy for my family.”

“We’re young and aggressive and we have a lot of gifts,” Ms. Cloud.