Candidate wants to dismantle ‘cradle-to-prison pipeline’

6/9/2017, 12:58 p.m.

I was raised in Church Hill and am a 1965 graduate of Richmond’s Armstrong High School. My late parents, Helen and David Temple Sr., instilled in me the values of Christian faith and a deep commitment to public service. My father wrote the “Church Hill Spotlight” column for the former Richmond Afro-American newspaper.

After earning two degrees from the University of Virginia, I managed former Gov. L. Douglas Wilder’s campaign for lieutenant governor in Northern Virginia. From 1986 through 1990, I served in Gov. Gerald Baliles’ cabinet as deputy secretary of education, and later joined with others to created a new state Department of Juvenile Justice, serving as vice chairman.

Throughout the years, I have continued my public service and helped elect worthy and solid candidates to serve us.

Today, I evidence that service commitment in Justin Fairfax, who is running for lieutenant governor in the June 13 Democratic Party primary.

Four years ago, Justin came within a hair of being nominated for Virginia’s attorney general. As a former federal prosecutor, Justin seeks to intervene in the “cradle-to-prison pipeline” with enhanced economic security, education and workforce skills development, juvenile justice reforms, refinancing student loan debt and expanding Medicaid — saving lives and taxpayer dollars.

But there is more. He has a sincerity and respect for others. He learns through listening, and he remembers.

He is a husband with a beautiful family, and he has a broad appeal across regions and races.

We can help erase the devastating mistake that happened last November. The entire nation and planet are watching to see what Virginians do on June 13 and in November. I urge voters to demonstrate optimism and hope for the future and vote for Justin Fairfax.