House candidate would seek ‘substance not symbols’

6/9/2017, 12:58 p.m.

I support attorney Alex Mejias for the 70th District seat in the House of Delegates.

Alex is running in the June 13 primary against Delegate Delores L. McQuinn for the Democratic nomination.

It’s important to know that whoever wins next week’s primary likely wins the seat in November and will be our delegate.

Alex is a brother of substance versus symbolism. He’s a straight shooter, a fighter for the people, a forward thinker and is in touch with the real issues, especially those issues of the forgotten people.

Unlike Delegate McQuinn, Alex would never pretend to lead a Slave Trail Commission in supporting a disrespectful ballpark on sacred ground in Shockoe Bottom and in support of former Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones.

Alex would never vote for an illegal redistricting plan to secure his own seat and then turn around and join the Democrats in rightly suing the Republican majority for gerrymandering Virginia districts. The result: A 2-to-1 Republican majority in the House of Delegates for the next 10-plus years.

Delegate McQuinn’s biggest claim to fame is the thousands of dollars spent on the Reconciliation Statue at 15th and Main streets. Yet how can you have racial reconciliation without truth?

South Africa’s Bishop Desmond Tutu showed the world the way with truth and reconciliation. Why would Delegate McQuinn settle for the lesser half?

Mr. Mejias would seek substance and not mere symbols. Substance is what the people need, and he needs your support.



The writer is a former Richmond City Council member.