City facing crisis with violence

6/30/2017, 7:46 a.m.

We are in a crisis!

The murder rate in Richmond has surpassed that of last year. Never before have I heard of so many multiple shootings taking place. Many of our young kids and children are dying or injured by the crossfire that’s taking place in neighborhoods.

Holding vigils for the deceased is fine, but we have to get a handle on this type of violence. It seems as if the culture in Richmond has begun to change and violence is accepted by some residents.

I stand with many other citizens that think one violent death is way too many. Do our young children need to grow up in this type of fear? Elderly people are worried about being victimized in their own homes by robbers and thieves. This type of nonsense needs to stop.

The Richmond Police Department cannot do it all by themselves. They need help. Some people will observe a crime taking place but will not get involved. This type of negative behavior needs to cease if we are going to make progress in this area. The same people who will not get involved and tell what they saw want others to talk if it is their family member or friend who is a victim of violent crime.

Prayer never hurts, but people speaking to police about what they see also will aid in this crisis.

Richmond has become like Chicago, where murders are a common occurrence, even though we have a smaller population. That shows violence cannot always be defined by population.

Let’s stand shoulder to shoulder with the police and help them get more criminals off the streets and put away where they belong.



The writer is a retired interim superintendent at the Richmond Juvenile Detention Center.