Where is money coming from to pay Bedden’s severance?

5/12/2017, 7:44 a.m.

Re “Payout for Bedden,” May 4-6 edition:

I see that outgoing Richmond Schools Superintendent Dana T. Bedden will receive a severance package of nearly $300,000. The Richmond School Board most likely will be paying a search committee to narrow down the superintendent candidates.

For a school system supposedly strapped for finances, where is the money coming from?

Teachers and parents have been complaining for the longest about some of the schools being old and antiquated. Many of their pleas seem to roll off deaf ears. What kind of message does this send?

It is very important that students be housed in suitable facilities and placed in a positive environment to learn. Are we meeting that requirement?

Some of the teachers and parents say no.

We ended up having a surplus of $8.3 million, so why wasn’t some of that money used to help with some of the deficiencies? I know it’s not enough to remedy all of the problems in the school system, but it sure could help with some.

Whatever we do, we need to get it right because the students are our top responsibility. Money needs to be spent prudently and responsibly with the students in mind. I cannot say that has always been done.

Let’s get this right for the kids’ sake.