Confederate statues belong in museums

10/19/2017, 6:45 p.m.

As shown in Charlottesville, the monument controversy can have some dangerous results. Here in Richmond, the police and other law enforcement had time to prepare for the rally. There were no deaths and only a few arrests. I guess each side of the controversy is passionate in their beliefs.

My idea for a solution is as follows: Take down all Confederate statues on Monument Avenue and store them in a museum where those who admire them can still admire them. Let the museum be one that all people on each side can see, learn from and study them.

Replace the statues with people who helped build this Commonwealth and nation. There are many. This approach will remove from the public’s eye the hate and division that exist now.

We live in a different time and a different culture in this generation. The monuments on Monument Avenue do not reflect progress in this generation and others. They reflect hate, injustice and other negative feelings.

Is this good for the state?

Try to reconcile with its past and move forward in the present and future!