Trump’s problem with black women

Julianne Malveaux | 11/15/2018, 6 a.m.
A cursory look at the win-loss column after last week’s midterm election suggests that nobody left the table empty-handed.

No president enjoys intense media scrutiny, especially when things are not going his way. But no president has been more rude, dismissive and offensive toward the press. No press secretary has been more rude and obnoxious than Sarah Huckabee Sanders. And none has attempted to curtail press freedoms with the vitriol that 45 has.

The president says he will pull the press credentials of any member of the press who is not “respectful” to him. In his tiny mind, disrespect is the same as merely asking difficult or uncomfortable questions. He and Ms. Sanders would undoubtedly feel better if there were no press questions, just syncopated fawning.

I don’t expect decency from the president, but I am concerned that the press corps has not been more strongly supportive of their colleagues like Ms. Ryan and Mr. Acosta. What if, for just one day, every member of the press began her question with, “I’m asking this in the name of Jim Acosta”? What if they started a question with, “Let me say that my colleague April Ryan is not a loser”? This administration would get some sense of press solidarity.  

The president attacks because he can attack and because few are willing to stand up to him.

Who will stand up for Ms. Ryan, Ms. Phillips and Ms. Alcindor?  

The writer is an economist and author.