It’s about time

6/11/2020, 6 p.m.

We warn our readers to be mindful that the Old Guard and those with entrenched interests in the status quo will fight vehemently — underhandedly and violently — to block progress toward an enlightened, equitable world. That is evidenced by the lawsuit filed Monday in Richmond Circuit Court to keep the Lee statue up and the violent actions of white supremacists who are feeling pressured and threatened by the sudden changes.

On Sunday, a self-professed Ku Klux Klan member drove his pickup truck into a group of protesters in Henrico County in a possible sick attempt to copycat the bloody, fatal attack by a white supremacist who drove his car into a crowd of anti-racism demonstrators in Charlottesville in 2017. Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported this time. The driver has been arrested and charged with assault and battery among other charges. Henrico County prosecutor Shannon L. Taylor also is weighing hate crime charges.

On Monday night, three carloads of white men reportedly drove around the traffic circle at the Lee monument shooting peaceful protesters with paintball guns. No one was hurt, but people, including young children, were terrorized.

Do these desperate, hateful actions signal that we are witnessing the coming extinction of the Confederacy?

We hope so.

Change can be difficult, messy and even painful, especially when it is necessary. The past struggles during Reconstruction and the Civil Rights Movement taught us that. But we urge Richmonders and others not to stop and to keep pushing vigorously forward toward a just, fair and equitable society.