Embraced by Wings enfolds young people in spirit of service

Joey Matthews | 8/14/2015, 7:45 a.m. | Updated on 8/14/2015, 7:45 a.m.
LinGina Moe has a heart to help others. “Growing up, I saw a lot of things and a lot of …
Ms. Moe

LinGina Moe has a heart to help others.

“Growing up, I saw a lot of things and a lot of people in need,” said Ms. Moe, a 36-year-old native of New York City who now lives in Chesterfield County. “I decided I wanted to make a difference any way I could.”

That’s why she says she founded the all-volunteer, community-helping organization Embraced by Wings Youth Outreach Ministry in 2008.

Ms. Moe said she was inspired to start the ministry after she moved to Metro Richmond in 2003 while seeking a better environment in which to raise her four children.

Embraced by Wings performs community service and seeks to help youths reach their potential by providing them with creative activities such as praise dance, poetry, spoken word, photography and Bible study, Ms. Moe said.

During the past year alone, Embraced by Wings has held book and back-to-school clothes drives and neighborhood cleanups, helped organize a community library, invited a police officer to speak with children about safety, visited senior citizens in assisted living facilities, organized game programs for people with autism and organized praise dance performances at about 20 churches.

Ms. Moe, who attends Living Faith Ministries in Colonial Heights, says her ministry is inspired by Psalms chapter 46, verse 10 in the Bible that reads in part, “Be still and know that I am God.”

In short, Ms. Moe says, that means “God will provide your every need. Help is on the way.”

Jamila White, 27, who assists Ms. Moe in the ministry, says, “LinGina has all the love and energy for the kids. She motivates them to do what’s right. She’s so positive. Her heart is full of generosity.

“She has a great way of relating to the younger generation through music, dance and arts and crafts.”

Ms. Moe’s charitable efforts have gained the support of several groups, including two nonprofit organizations on North Side — Dream Academy, an adult high school, and Embrace Richmond, a community improvement group — which have allowed her to hold several of her events at their locations.

“They deserve a standing ovation for what they do for the community,” said Deone McWilliams, senior editor and publisher of the Northside Vibes community newspaper, which is based at Dream Academy. “I love her and what she is doing.”

Embraced by Wings also seeks to instill a strong work ethic and spirit of service in children, Ms. Moe said.

“The children are our future,” she said. “We try to help steer them to doing positive things.”

For her efforts, Ms. Moe was one of 50 people recognized in July as a “Hometown Hero” in the annual acknowledgement of community helpers by the Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen law firm of Richmond.

“I’ve always been an energetic, bubbly person,” Ms. Moe said of her quest to help others. “It’s just this drive that I have to delight people and see them smile and be happy.

“I think that satisfies me as well as seeing children light up knowing they’re doing a good deed. We teach them about giving back. We help teach the children morals and values and keep them busy doing positive things.”

For more information about Embraced by Wings: embracedbywings@gmail.com or (804) 502-7639.