Letters to the Editor

‘Modern-day segregationism hypocrisy’

When Thomas C. Williams was shown to be a mid-1800s slaveowner, as well as helping to set up the regulation of faculty at the University of Richmond, Mr. Williams was essentially disavowed after the university rechristened its T.C.Williams Law School ...

Queen Elizabeth’s death rituals reflect ‘dynasties of inbred’ rich people

Mourning of Queen Elizabeth in England betrays a singular lack of understanding of monarchy’s regressive effect on world history.

Legislation involving hate speech, misinformation not to be taken lightly

This fall, the United States Senate plans to vote on the American Innovation and Choice Online Act. While everyone agrees regulation is needed in regard to the tech industry, we, however, should not downplay some very legitimate concerns about problematic ...

No one person is to blame for RPS low test scores

As a product of Richmond Public Schools some 60 years ago, I was very disheartened to hear the news reporting how many children failed the SOL's this past school year.

How long will we accept excuses from the top?

I see that SOL scores remain low for Richmond Public Schools. I see that there were various excuses why the SOL scores were low. Illness, isolation, and trauma were faulted for these dismal test results.

Don L. Scott Jr. is ‘an inspired and inspiring man’

I read the start of the article on the front page regarding House Minority Leader Don L. Scott Jr. in the July 14-16 issue of the Richmond Free Press. Turning the page, I expected to find a few more words ...

Only $21M to rename military bases?

I’m glad that no one saw my stunned deer-in-headlight face after I recently read an editorial regarding the quoted sticker-price of $21M for renaming our military bases, but believe it or not, I do have a suggestion!

City Council collective bargaining vote is a win

I want to say kudos to Richmond City Council for voting and allowing most city employees to unionize.

White evangelicals are taking over the country

Hiding in plain sight for decades has been a campaign by white evangelicals to change America and subjugate women.

Congratulations to 2022 high school graduates

Congratulations to all of the students, especially those who are at or near the top of their class.

Kudos to the Free Press and to Bonnie Newman Davis

As someone who has known Bonnie Newman Davis through membership in the Virginia Professional Chapter, Society of Professional Journalists, since — I think — the early 1980s, I know the Free Press will go onward and upward with her editorial ...

Mayor Stoney and city developers missing mark on Diamond District plans

For the past two decades, I have been outspoken about the city failing to carry out the wishes of Arthur Ashe to build an African-American museum honoring the legacy African-American athletic achievement by way of his well-researched classic book series, ...

Former governor’s behavior ‘baffles and confuses Black people’

In quoting the advice offered to me as a new member of the Richmond City Council in 1978, L. Douglas Wilder said to me, “There are no black issues, only issues that disproportionately affect Black people.”

Richmonders should help police stop violence

It seems that people are becoming numb to all of these killings in Richmond.

‘The government should not butt in’ on abortions

I am a 59-year-old woman who believes in life. I am against abortion, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a good reason for a woman to get an abortion.