Letters to the Editor

Mayoral candidates should consider reducing government size

The Richmond mayoral race debate was centered, according to reporter George Copeland Jr., on education, housing and the economy.

Honoring civil rights legacy means embracing new leaders

It has been 60 years since the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. I remember being in college, joining with students from Virginia Union University and elsewhere, advocating for the legislation and registering voters in Richmond.

Richmond schools deserve better leadership

As the Richmond Free Press states, there are nine seats up for grabs on the Richmond School Board. It seems to me that we need better guidance and direction on how to steer our youth into the future.

Counties must follow Henrico’s lead on homeless funding

Kudos to Henrico County for stating they will partner with the city and pay for a quarter of the operating expenses for shelters for the homeless in Richmond.

Ashe Center demolition plan misguided

The recent decision and agreement between Richmond Public Schools and the City of Richmond to sell off the Arthur Ashe Jr Athletic Center to be demolished to build a hotel and apartment complex is a slap in the face to …

Former VUU presidents ensured buildings’ preservation

I write as an alumna of Virginia Union University to encourage the preservation and reuse of the former Richmond Community Hospital.

‘What became of the Black People of Sumer?’

I learned the value of peaceful protest at Virginia Union University. I learned to stand up and speak up for issues that matter, in an atmosphere of civil discourse. I learned about the necessity of preserving and protecting our history …

Richmond Community Hospital: Finding compromise is possible!

There are incredible times in our lives when we should work as hard as possible to preserve old buildings to retain our sense of community and protect our history.

Zeta Phi Beta chapter to VUU: Don’t demolish historic hospital

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Alpha Phi Zeta Chapter has been at the forefront for social, health and economic justice in the Richmond community since its chartering in 1942. Upon hearing of the decision to demolish the Richmond Community Hospital the …

A fast track to offsetting the child care crisis

National Preschool Teachers Appreciation Day was March 15, an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the community heroes who play an important role in teaching and shaping young minds.

JXN Project to VUU: Do not contribute to efforts to erase Black histories

ATTN: Virginia Union University President Hakim Lucas and Board of Trustees

AAGHS GRVA: ‘Our history matters’

Founded in 2010, the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society of Greater Richmond, Virginia Chapter (AAGHS GRVA) strives to be at the vanguard of providing important historical context and the ability to use research skills and techniques to further the field …

Conversations to repurpose the old Richmond Community Hospital building ‘did not bear fruit’

My name is Mary DePillars and I am an alumna of Virginia Union University concerned about recent comments attributed to VUU personnel regarding the old Richmond Community Hospital building. I shared my Feb, 15, 2024, letter to the Richmond Free …

RCH and the need to sustain local cultural consciousness

At the March 3 “We Shall Gather at the Hospital” rally hosted by the Save Community Hospital Work Group, public historian, Dr. Carmen Foster reflected on the erasure of local stories due to the Richmond area’s shifting sociocultural landscape. Her …

Richmond Crusade for Voters stands with Community

The Richmond Crusade for Voters stands with the many other organizations and individuals who have spoken up in support of preserving the Richmond Community Hospital on Virginia Union University’s campus.