Letters to the Editor

Former state registrar had no ‘personal decision’ in same-gender law

I am writing to address what I consider an inaccurate representation of my making a personal decision to deny same-gender parents’ names on a birth certificate. This representation, announcing the retirement of Janet Rainey, was in an article in the ...

Richmond City Council invites community to thank a social worker during Richmond Social Work Month

Established last year by Richmond City Council and Mayor Levar M. Stoney, Richmond Social Work Month recognizes those who have dedicated their professional lives to helping improve the quality of life for others, especially those experiencing distress, through the delivery ...

Applause for Encore program

I hope that other surrounding counties and the City of Richmond are taking notice of the new program Henrico County is rolling out titled Encore, which was featured in the Free Press, March 2-4 edition.

John Marshall High School basketball didn’t just get good; it’s been good for years

There has been a lot of talk about John Marshall High School lately. Some good and some bad. I stayed away because outsiders love opinions and never base things on facts. What lies behind those walls of a poorly unkept ...

Recent Free Press article ‘was not a forum for litigation or absolution’

In my conversations with Mr. Jeremy Lazarus that resulted in the Jan. 26-28 edition of the Richmond Free Press article, “It’s Complicated,” I believe that I was clear in stating that I became an Enrichmond board member in October of ...

‘Why support legislation designed to obstruct a Richmond casino?’

I am strongly opposed to any legislation that has been crafted specifically to obstruct economic development in the city of Richmond. The fact that a state senator, who represents Richmond, would lead the charge to strategically cut Richmond out of ...

Is our gun-crazed society reflection of entertainment biz?

The prop gun killing on the “Rust” movie set by Alec Baldwin reminds me of other reckless gun-violence disasters on movie sets. Specifically, when the actor Jon-Erik Hexum died after shoot- ing himself in the head with a prop gun ...

Enrichmond article ‘is inaccurate and misleading

Jeremy Lazarus’ Jan. 26, 2023, article, “It’s complicated” is a one-sided story that provides little clarity.

Let’s talk Social Security instead of about Morrissey

Instead of wasting time, energy, resources and newsprint on calling for Sen. Joe Morrissey to resign, I suggest you focus your efforts on changing a common practice that leads to perpetual inequality.

VCU’s error is chance to ‘help make dreams become a reality’

I am writing in response to an article printed in the January 5-7, 2023, edition of the Free Press, “VCU applicants receive incorrect acceptance letters.”

VUU: ‘Changes will enable the university to continue’ its progress

Virginia Union University continues its march to be best-in-class among HBCUs in the United states — and we are taking additional steps to accelerate our progress.

Richmond’s homeless population deserves better

Thank you for the very detailed information you provided in the Dec. 29-31,2022 edition of the Richmond Free Press concerning the homeless entitled “Why?”

Trump should ‘study politics no more’

Kudos to the January 6 House Committee for the outstanding work they did the last 18 months on investigating the Donald Trump-incited insurrection.

We will always be proud ‘Wildcats’

I always enjoy reading the “Personality” profile each week in the Richmond Free Press. I was shocked to see the Armstrong High School mascot referred to as a “Spartan” in the Richmond Free Press Nov. 24-26 edition.

Justice for Donovon Lynch

The members of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus want to reaffirm that justice must be done for Donovon Lynch — who should still be alive today. Donovon was tragically shot and killed by a Virginia Beach police officer nearly two ...