Letters to the Editor

Collective bargaining will transform lives

The city of Richmond is at a crossroads. We are experiencing growth and transformation, yet not everyone gets a chance to share in the fruits of our success.

The power of the people — and alumni

When my beloved alma mater Grambling State University hired a white assistant coach, Art Briles, as offensive coordinator of the football program, there was a loud uproar.

Social isolation, not white supremacy, led to pathologies in African-American communities

I am sorry to have to tell you that there is no Critical Race Theory.

Book suggestions for Free Press readers

I strongly recommend that the following titles be added to your book list:

Another book suggestion

I was pleased to see your editorial, “CRT—Critical race truth,” and suggest adding this to the book list: “Richmond’s Unhealed History” by the Rev. Benjamin Campbell.

Teaching Black history can help end racism

Black history matters for the same reasons Black lives matter.

The moral arc of the universe bends

Re Editorial “Biden must select a justice for all,” Free Press Feb. 3-5 edition:

What will the Black History Museum leave out with Confederate statues?

Re “Confederate pedestals out: Grass and landscaping to soon replace dead soldiers,” Free Press Feb. 3-5 edition:

Youngkin’s orders parallel Germany after Holocaust

There are a lot of parallels between Gov. Glenn A. Youngkin’s executive orders on race and post-Holocaust Germany.

New governor’s policy is killing our kids

Gov. Glenn A. Youngkin used his wealth to purchase the job of Virginia’s governor and he also bought and paid for many Virginia parents.

Recognizing the real Dr. King

As we commemorate the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., let us remember all that he stood for and all that he fought against.

No more ‘bites of the apple’ on the Richmond casino

Re “Councilwoman Trammell takes steps toward 2nd referendum on city casino,” Free Press Jan. 13-15 edition:

Memories of Archbishop Desmond Tutu

As we experience the news of the homegoing of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, we celebrate the life, love and legacy of a great theologian.

Tips to deal with holiday, post-holiday blues

Holiday depression, also called the “holiday blues,” is a real thing, and it can last long after the holidays. It affects 1 million people every year.

The people deserve the right to decide the fate of the Lee monument pedestal

Re “On the way out: Gov. Ralph S. Northam orders removal of 40-foot granite pedestal that held Confederate Robert E. Lee’s statue on Monument Avenue, and for the land to be turned over to the city,” Dec. 9-11 edition: