‘America reigns without a rival’

As we approach America’s celebration of its independence on July 4, many of us do so with sadness, trepidation and outright anger. And with good reason.

Black excellence

We often hear the expression “Black excellence,” particularly when Black people, individually or collectively, achieve the seemingly impossible.

Real or not

Last week, Richmond Mayor Levar M. Stoney went to the top floor of City Hall to eagerly reveal the results of a secretive yearlong project led by the West Cary Group, an advertising and marketing organization.

Good news

LEGO Group will build its first U.S. factory producing its hugely popular plastic building blocks for children to create and build anything they can imagine in Chesterfield County.

City’s housing options need a dose of creativity

One of the biggest challenges facing Richmond is how to build affordable apartment units and homes.

Much has changed, much remains in newsrooms

The news business is consumed by constant disrup- tors and interruptions. So much so that non-breaking news often gets tossed aside. I should know. Twice in the past two weeks an announcement about me coming aboard as managing editor for ...

How do we end the carnage?

Barely had we absorbed the anger, shock and sorrow that gripped us following the Tops Friendly Markets store massacre in Buffalo, N.Y., before we heard the horrifying news that another mass shooting had occurred in Uvalde, Texas.

Children left behind

In 2002, only about half of students in Richmond Public Schools rated as proficient in reading and math.


Every story has an end.

A Mother’s Day gift

Each year at this time, all good children — no matter their age — pause and figure out the perfect gift to give mom.

A woman’s right

Since the beginning of our species, it has been the responsibility of the female to care for the unborn, the newborn and the young. After millions of years, women have gotten us this far.

Wake up

Virginians — and all Americans — need to wake up when it comes to the assault on Black history and truth-telling.

High time for change

We call our readers’ attention to 4/20 — World Weed Day — and efforts toward equal and restorative justice for Black and brown communities that for decades have borne the brunt of the national “War on Drugs.”

Easter greeting

During this season of rebirth...

Remembering Dr. King

We pause this week to reflect on the light and lessons shared with this country and the world by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.