Our students deserve better

The recent devastating fire at Fox Elementary School has heightened public concerns about the safety of school buildings throughout Richmond and around the state — and rightly so.

CRT – Critical race truth

As Black History Month 2022 wraps up, we again call our readers’ attention to the growing national assaults on teaching and learning about America’s past and the racist policies and practices that have brought our city, state and nation to ...

Hope from the ashes

We can only imagine the grief and uncertainty that inundated the children and families of William F. Fox Elementary School last weekend when they learned their beloved schoolhouse had gone up in flames.

Leadership needed

We are disappointed at the tumult engulfing the Virginia State Conference NAACP, which was brought on by the resignation last week of the civil rights organization’s 29-year-old executive director, Da’Quan Love.

Disdain for the people

We are gravely concerned by the growing disdain the Youngkin administration and his GOP and Democratic supporters have for the people of the Commonwealth.

Meme of the week

“When we ban books in schools before we ban guns, we admit we are more afraid of our children learning than we are of them dying.”

Biden must select a justice for all

After months of public speculation about his future, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer stood in the White House on Jan. 27 to announce his decision to retire. Justice Breyer, who has served on the high court since 1994, ...

Black History Month and the audacity to achieve

Black History Month. Dare we say those three words alone or in a sentence?

Buckle up

It didn’t take long for new Gov. Glenn A. Youngkin to show us exactly who he is.

Honoring Dr. King

We remember with awe and deep gratitude the selfless leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose vision and commitment to justice and equality for all people helped bend the arc of the moral universe in the right direction.

Just say no

Just because someone gives you something doesn’t mean it’s worth having.

New Year’s message

To our readers,

Holiday greetings

Happy Holidays

December surprise

We were slightly surprised — and a little amused — by some of the budget proposals put forth so far by outgoing Gov. Ralph S. Northam.

COVID-19 and the holidays

As we move into the holiday season, we urge all of our readers to not get carried away by the eggnog and the festive spirit. Rather, we hope everyone will remain vigilant against COVID-19 — to protect yourselves and your ...