President of Florida’s only public historically Black university resigns after donation debacle

The president of Florida’s only public historically Black university is resigning amid backlash over the school’s apparent failure to properly vet a multimillion dollar donation from a dubious donor.

Sexual assault allegations prompt museums to reconsider Wiley exhibits

Three prominent museums have recently canceled or postponed exhibitions by artist Kehinde Wiley following sexual assault accusations. The Pèrez Art Museum Miami, Minneapolis Institute of Art and Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, Neb. made these decisions in the past month.

The shocking discovery that suddenly made reparations deeply personal for one woman

Ruth Wilson squinted through her browline glasses at the image of a smudged, crumpled document on the computer screen. “To all whom it may concern,” she read. “Fergus Wilson having selected 40 acres of land on Sapelo Island, Georgia, pursuant …

Survivors of Tulsa Race Massacre challenge Oklahoma high court decision

Attorneys for the last two remaining survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre asked the Oklahoma Supreme Court on Tuesday to reconsider the case they dismissed last month and called on the Biden administration to help the two women seek …

Black farmers’ association calls for Tractor Supply CEO’s resignation after company cuts DEI efforts

The National Black Farmers Association called on Tractor Supply’s president and CEO Tuesday to step down after the rural retailer announced that it would drop most of its corporate diversity and climate advocacy efforts.

Paradise Stolen

Karen Dove Barr parked her cart next to a “Golfers Only” sign. Up ahead, men in khaki shorts and polo shirts leaned on golf clubs around the 12th hole. Houses with large wooden decks dotted one side of the fairway. …

Dali cargo ship leaves Baltimore for Virginia nearly 3 months after bridge collapse

The cargo ship Dali headed out of Baltimore for Virginia on Monday, nearly three months after it lost power and crashed into one of the Francis Scott Key bridge supporting columns and caused the bridge to collapse.

CNN faces backlash for excluding Black-owned media from presidential debate coverage

CNN has come under fire for denying media credentials to every Black-owned media entity, including those based in Atlanta, for the upcoming presidential debate on Thursday. Despite granting over 600 media credentials, not even one was extended to Black-owned outlets, …

U.S. surgeon general declares gun violence a public health crisis

The U.S. surgeon general on Tuesday declared gun violence a public health crisis, driven by the fast-growing number of injuries and deaths involving firearms in the country.

West Virginia couple used adopted Black children as ‘slaves,’ judge says

A couple arrested after some of their adopted children were found locked in a shed at their West Virginia home are set for trial later this year on charges that a judge said involved their use as “slaves.”

Clock is TikTok-ing

Meghin Martin created a TikTok account two years ago to share her experience working at a local Starbucks. Under the username @ex_barista, Martin asked other TikTok users who worked at the coffeehouse chain if they had been scheduled for only …

Oklahoma Supreme Court dismisses lawsuit of last Tulsa Race Massacre survivors seeking reparations

The Oklahoma Supreme Court on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit by survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, dampening the hope of advocates for racial justice that the city would make financial amends for one of the worst single acts of …

Jackie Robinson rebuilt in bronze after theft of statue

As he coats a mold of Jackie Robinson with wax, metalsmith Alex Haines reflected on the extra importance of a project that will soon give the city of Wichita, Kan., a replacement bronze statue of the baseball icon after thieves …

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee faces cancer diagnosis

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has fought tirelessly for ground-breaking legislation throughout her career. She authored the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act, creating the first new federal holiday in nearly four decades, and fervently championed the Violence Against Women Act, ensuring …

Lawsuit alleges racial harassment at Maine company that makes COVID-19 swabs

A Maine-based company that makes COVID-19 test swabs is being sued for allegedly condoning or refusing to stop racial harassment against a Black former employee at a plant that opened during a pandemic production surge.