Black History Month and the audacity to achieve

Black History Month. Dare we say those three words alone or in a sentence?

Protecting voting rights, by Sen. Tim Kaine

I’ve served in elected office since 1994 — first on the Richmond City Council, then as mayor, then lieutenant governor, governor, and now U.S. senator. The Senate seat I currently hold was occupied for 50 years, from 1933 to 1983, ...

More now than ever, by Dr. E. Faye Williams

By now you have heard what was forecast as the inevitable — all Senate Republicans and two Senate Democrats believe the Senate Filibuster Rule to be more significant than the right of millions (actually all) of Americans to participate in ...

New governor’s policy is killing our kids

Gov. Glenn A. Youngkin used his wealth to purchase the job of Virginia’s governor and he also bought and paid for many Virginia parents.

Buckle up

It didn’t take long for new Gov. Glenn A. Youngkin to show us exactly who he is.

Lessons from warrior lawyer Lani Guinier, by Julianne Malveaux

Lani Guinier, the amazing attorney, law professor, lawyer, author and activist made her transition on Jan. 7, 2022, even as Black folks and our allies were engaged in the legislative battle to solidify our voting rights.

‘We call him Mr. Poitier’

Actors, poets and graphic/ visual artists are engaged in a continual quest to touch the hearts, minds and souls of their audiences. It’s a daunting challenge and, if successful, leads to respect, admiration and adoration.

Recognizing the real Dr. King

As we commemorate the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., let us remember all that he stood for and all that he fought against.

No more ‘bites of the apple’ on the Richmond casino

Re “Councilwoman Trammell takes steps toward 2nd referendum on city casino,” Free Press Jan. 13-15 edition:

Honoring Dr. King

We remember with awe and deep gratitude the selfless leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose vision and commitment to justice and equality for all people helped bend the arc of the moral universe in the right direction.

‘Moral and ethical imperative to combat climate change’, by U.S. Rep. A Donald McEachin

The climate crisis is the greatest existential threat we face.

Memories of Archbishop Desmond Tutu

As we experience the news of the homegoing of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, we celebrate the life, love and legacy of a great theologian.

Just say no

Just because someone gives you something doesn’t mean it’s worth having.

What will 2022 bring?, by Dr. E. Faye Williams

Far too many in our community fail to look to the future seriously. My greatest disappointment is in those who have so very much to lose and who demonstrate so little concern about the futures they must face.

How young people can save America, by Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.

My new year’s wish this year is that across the country, every high school gives each graduate a diploma and a voter registration card, and every center of education and training — whether community college or four-year university, technical training ...