The 900-page guide to snuffing out American democracy, by Ben Jealous

What if there was a blueprint for a future presidential administration to unilaterally lay waste to our constitutional order and turn America from a democracy into an autocracy in one fell swoop?

What if Crooks had been a Black man?, by Hazel Trice Edney

Can you imagine what would have happened to a Black man who showed up at a Donald Trump rally acting “suspiciously” around the metal detectors?

Changing our approach to gun violence, by Harrison Roday

It’s become a recurring pattern and it can almost be numbing. When you open the newspaper or turn on the television, you see lives cut short due to gun violence – and tragically, so often, children’s lives. Nationally, guns now …

Helping at the polls aligns with basic faith values, from hospitality to honoring our neighbors, by Jennifer Walker Thomas & Chris Crawford/Religion News

With summer in full swing, our attention, in an ideal world, would be divided between planning vacations and wrangling children, with the coming election a far-off problem for the fall. Sadly, the state of our politics isn’t allowing us that …

President must be wise enough to move on, by Michael A. Grant

I have admired Joe Biden since 1988. I did not think the plagiarism charge should have caused him to abort his presidential aspirations back then. I was ecstatic when the seasoned, scrappy senator from Scranton joined — and added heft …

Colliding causes can defeat each other, by Clarence Page

When does political protest seem to become an end in itself?

Despite debate performance, support for Biden remains strong among Black leaders, by Tamil R. Harris

President Joe Biden and the first lady spent Sunday at Camp David with their grandchildren after his debate performance. At the same time, the media and a growing chorus of Democrats speculate on the 81-year-old leader’s future.

Environmental justice for Cumberland County, by Benjamin Chavis Jr.

Cumberland County stands on the edge of an environmental catastrophe. An hour west of Richmond, the historic town of Cumberland is set to become the site of the proposed Green Ridge Disposal and Recycling Facility. This 1,200 - acre mega-landfill …

Fair housing is up to all of us

We all deserve the freedom to choose where we live. But even Virginians who have won a lottery struggle to find a way home.

Black athletes are Black men, women first, by David W. Marshall

During a recent Fox Sports pregame show appearance, Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson was asked about his return to Birmingham, Ala.’s Rickwood Field, where he played 114 games in the minor leagues. His powerful response was a …

Poor people are the new swing vote, By William J. Barber II

If you’re an ordinary American who goes to work to pay the bills or takes care of a loved one most days, it’s easy to feel down when you see the headlines about the 2024 election. Donald Trump has been …

Spirituals, freedom songs echo across generations, by Hazel Trice Edney

Every Sunday, millions of African Americans across the nation make their way to church anticipating relief from lives of financial woes, pressures at work, health concerns, family matters, race discrimination and inequities among other stressful issues of everyday life.

Countering MAGA movement with nonviolent extremism, by David W. Marshall

Between 1941 and 1945 some 6 million Jews were systematically murdered across German-occupied Europe during World War II. As part of a state-sponsored genocide, two-thirds of Europe’s Jewish population was executed. As a result, those of Jewish faith made it …

Talks of mandated national service, by Clarence Page

Don’t get nervous, young folks, but talk about a national service mandate has been bubbling up again in Washington.

If you’re truly pro-life, you should be anti-gun, by Tony Campolo

In 2022, 48,204 Americans were killed by guns, which are now the leading cause of death among children and teens. Our gun deaths have come to define us in the eyes of the world. You might even say that guns …