Personality: Margaret Rose ‘Meg’ Medina

Amid ongoing campaigns against certain kinds of literature in the United States, Margaret Rose “Meg” Medina has been given a new platform and new responsibility to champion the value of the written word.

Personality: Alma W. Hughes

Despite a few years of unexpected turbulence, Alma W. Hughes has led and sustained a Richmond-based musical group while forging deep connections among its members and the community.

Personality: Alexander L. Taylor Jr.

In 2022, retired Army Col. Alexander L. Taylor Jr. committed himself to a different kind of military service. A trial attorney, Mr. Taylor joined Richmond’s Military Retirees Club during its 50th anniversary celebration in June.

Personality: Scottessa A. Hurte

Scottessa A. Hurte has been a source of aid and guidance for Virginia’s small, women and minority-owned businesses during years of struggle.

Personality: Zenobia Cardwell

Zenobia Cardwell says she always has been active and involved in the community, so much so that she won the School Spirit Award her senior year as a student in the International Baccalaureate Program at Thomas Jefferson High School.

Personality: Teresa Cole

As a child growing up in the 1980s, Teresa Cole was a “latchkey kid” who played outside a lot.

Personality: Ari Abad

When Mahsa Jina Amini, a 22-year old Kurdish woman from the city of Saqqez in the Kurdistan Province, died Sept. 16, 2022, in police custody after being arrested for not properly wearing her hijab, the story resonated with Ari Abad. ...

Personality: Amy Black

Amy Black fell in love with tattoo art after getting her first tattoo as a college student at Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio.

Personality: Brian Bell

Picking up trash and litter while hiking and backpacking trails throughout the United States may sound like a strange hobby. But Brian Bell said he has always felt compelled to do it from the time he was a Boy Scout.

Personality: Christal Corey

Richmond Public Schools, like many urban school districts throughout the country, face multiple challenges, heightened by students’ learning loss from the COVID-19 pandemic and limited resources to offset other obstacles school systems endure daily.

Personality: Sean David O’Brien

Sean David O’Brien loved Richmond from the time he came to the city as a University of Richmond undergraduate student.

Personality: Jerome Legions Jr.

Jerome Legions Jr. hopes to bring new energy to one of Richmond’s oldest civic and civil rights groups in the new year.

Personality: Daniel Harthausen

From pop-up food events to TV stardom and back, Daniel Harthausen is cooking up a unique culinary presence in Richmond.

Personality: Tracey Hardney-Scott

Tracey Hardney-Scott is a tireless force for underserved Virginians, the result of her many years of advocacy work with several organizations.

Personality: James V. Duty

Following the end of the Civil War and slavery, the Friends Asylum for Colored Orphans formed in 1871 to aid Central Virginia children and families in need. Today that organization is known as the Friends Association for Children.