Personality: Janis Allen

In a time of increased attention, discussion and potential change for Jackson Ward, Janis Allen is doing her part to make sure its history and legacy are preserved. As the newest board president of the Historic Jackson Ward Association, she ...

Personality: DaNika Neblett Robinson

In 2015, DaNika Neblett Robinson found a new path to literary success. At the suggestion of her writing mentor, Stacy Hawkins Adams, she attended the annual James River Writers conference, in hopes of finding the inspiration she needed for her ...

Personality: Jamal Brooks

Jamal Brooks was 17 years old when his education came to a sudden stop.

Personality: James B. ‘Saxsmo’ Gates Jr.

“Together we can make it!” For James B. “Saxsmo” Gates Jr., this phrase, which originated with one of his songs, is a distillation of the universality and practicality he believes is key to jazz music and the genre’s communities. An ...

Personality: Barbara S. Brown

Coming to the Table was founded in 2006 when a small group of descendants of slaves and slave holders met at a table in Harrisonburg with a goal of “Taking America Beyond the Legacy of Enslavement.”

Personality: Maureen Jules-Perez

Girls For A Change, a nonprofit youth development organization, empowers Black girls ages 9 to 18 in Central Virginia with experiences and resources that help shape their future. Maureen Jules-Perez became board president of the 20-year-old organization in the spring ...

Personality: Lynette Lewis Allston

When the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts named its newest Board of Trustees president, Lynette Lewis Allston became the first Native American elected to the role in the museum’s 86- year history. The current chief and chair emeritus of the ...

Personality: Lynda Sharp Anderson

Three decades ago, when Lynda Sharp went to a magazine marketing event with friends, she didn’t know the young man named Dolson Barnett Anderson Jr. who was there with friends of his own. They both volunteered to help the magazine, ...

Personality: Bryan Price

Part of Bryan Price’s email signature includes his favorite quote. It is from Muhammad Ali, and it speaks to the things we see as impossible to overcome — and to the power of each of us to affect change in ...

Personality: Vanessa Evans

Sorority life is a point of pride for Vanessa Evans.

Personality: Martinez Kelley

More than a decade ago Martinez Kelley saw the beginnings of the Atlantic Outreach Group, which eventually led to his path in community service.

Personality: Reginald E. Gordon

Inside and outside the walls of City Hall, Reginald E. (for Equilla) Gordon is working to build a more equitable, racially inclusive Richmond.

Personality: Joanna Heiskill

When Joanna Heiskill’s mother died in August 2019, she was determined to find the cause of her death.

Personality: Dr. Hollee Freeman

Dr. Hollee Freeman is helping to keep a vital community of workers buzzing — all 90,000 of them.

Personality: Taylor Thornley Keeney

In December 2018, inspiration led Taylor Thornley Keeney to reshape community child care in the Richmond region.