Personality: Bryan Price

Part of Bryan Price’s email signature includes his favorite quote. It is from Muhammad Ali, and it speaks to the things we see as impossible to overcome — and to the power of each of us to affect change in ...

Personality: Vanessa Evans

Sorority life is a point of pride for Vanessa Evans.

Personality: Martinez Kelley

More than a decade ago Martinez Kelley saw the beginnings of the Atlantic Outreach Group, which eventually led to his path in community service.

Personality: Reginald E. Gordon

Inside and outside the walls of City Hall, Reginald E. (for Equilla) Gordon is working to build a more equitable, racially inclusive Richmond.

Personality: Joanna Heiskill

When Joanna Heiskill’s mother died in August 2019, she was determined to find the cause of her death.

Personality: Dr. Hollee Freeman

Dr. Hollee Freeman is helping to keep a vital community of workers buzzing — all 90,000 of them.

Personality: Taylor Thornley Keeney

In December 2018, inspiration led Taylor Thornley Keeney to reshape community child care in the Richmond region.

Personality: Dr. Monroe E. Harris Jr.

When it comes to charitable, arts or education-related events that take place in Richmond, it’s not uncommon to see Dr. Monroe E. Harris Jr.’s name listed as a donor, participant or leader.

Personality: Corey M. Nicholson

Corey M. Nicholson’s lifelong appreciation for baseball, its history and its impact, goes back to his childhood spent watching hours of New York Mets games on black and white television with his grandparents. Today Mr. Nicholson uses his passion and ...

Personality: Sanaa Hayes

It was in early May when Sanaa Hayes learned that she was an extraordinary academic achiever, not just for her high school, but the entire Richmond Public Schools system.

Personality: Walter M. Dotts III

For Walter Maxwell Dotts III, the preservation and improvement of architecture and design in Virginia’s capital has always been a family affair.

Personality: The Rev. Shay W. Auerbach

From the doors of the church to the streets of Richmond and beyond, the Rev. Shay W. Auerbach has been a tireless advocate for the city’s Latino community for more than a decade.

Personality: Kiara Thompson

It was a typical Friday at school for Kiara Thompson — until it wasn’t.

Personality: Dr. Kate Hoof

Dr. Kate Hoof is helping Richmond kids put the pedal to the metal.

Personality: LeTeisha Gordon

“Ms. Gordon, how would you rebuild a relationship with someone that was released from prison?”