Personality: Dr. Audra Yuki-Wright Jones

Dr. Audra Yuki-Wright Jones is helping put a bright smile on the faces of Virginians.

Personality: Kathryn B. ‘Katie’ Ricard

Kathryn Baum “Katie” Ricard is looking to turn an outpouring of support in the wake of an unexpected, catastrophic event into an opportunity for education in Richmond — and a fulcrum for community unity.

Personality: Dr. Arcelia ‘CC’ Jackson

Dr. Arcelia “CC” Jackson is bringing a caring, thoughtful approach to the issues and stigmas surrounding mental health in the Richmond community across her multiple disciplines and roles.

Personality: Michelle Evans-Oliver

In the midst of a pandemic marked by death, large-scale action and change for African-Americans, Michelle Evans-Oliver is working to ensure the stories of Black people in Richmond are preserved and promoted.

Personality: Lawrence ‘Larry’ Clark

The history of African-Americans remains obscured because of the effects of slavery and white supremacy. It’s this lack of information that Lawrence “Larry” Clark seeks to resolve as president of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society’s Greater Richmond Chapter.

Personality: Ricky Martin

With COVID-19 resulting in more sedentary lifestyles for many Richmond area residents, Fit2Give founder Ricky Martin believes that his nonprofit organization can help offset some of the health disparities likely to have increased in underserved communities during the ongoing pandemic.

Personality: Maxwell L. ‘Max’ German

“An opportunity to serve the community and support those in need.”

Personality: James W. Warren

Amid the ongoing transforma- tion of Richmond’s landscape and infrastructure, James W. Warren is looking to create bridges in more ways than one.

Personality: Shemicia L. Bowen

At a time of change and need locally, statewide and nationally, a 100-year-old advocacy organization in Richmond is in the midst of a revival, courtesy of Shemicia L. Bowen.

Personality: Myra Goodman Smith

With the rise of the omicron variant of COVID-19, focus again is being directed toward the systemic issues surrounding health care and health care delivery systems. These types of issues have been a lifelong focus for Myra Goodman Smith.

Personality: Martha Jones-Carter

If art tells a story, then Martha Jones-Carter has helped weave a multitude of personal and community-built narratives over the course of her life.

Personality: Amanda Loraine Lynch

Amanda Loraine Lynch is helping bring change to the stage and the streets through ballet.

Personality: The Rev. John Brian Sawyer

The Rev. John Brian Sawyer has lived a life driven by his passions.

Personality: James Harris Jr.

James Harris Jr. knows the trials and tribulations of the therapy experience.

Personality: Dr. Denise Lowe Walters

Dr. Denise Lowe Walters strives to be a bridge builder and engine of progress in many of her endeavors. In October, she took on a whole new challenge, one that has the potential to broaden horizons for the Richmond community ...