Personality: Elizabeth C. ‘Lizzie’ Childress

Lizzie Childress will be recognized as valedictorian at her graduation from Richmond’s Open High School and her 5.2958 GPA also made her the Richmond Public Schools 2023 top valedictorian.

Personality: Brandy W. Stoney

The Robinson Theater Community Arts Center is a Church Hill institution that opened in 1937 as the first theater for African-Americans in the area. After closing in the 1980s, it reopened as an event space for children and adults in ...

Personality: Lok Lam

Lok Lam’s passion for a community’s welfare is clear from her work with the Neighborhood Resource Center of Greater Fulton since she became board president last October.

Personality: Anthony Bryant

As Richmond’s growth spurt continues to attract new businesses and residents, Anthony Bryant wants to guarantee that the community’s interests aren’t left behind.

Personality: Jake Rowell

In 2020, Jake Rowell found inspiration to help an underserved part of the Richmond community.

Personality: Coleman Wortham III

Through decades of change and evolution, Coleman Wortham III has been a steadfast part of Richmond’s child care community.

Personality: Sonja Branch-Wilson

Sonja Branch-Wilson’s interest in learning about community and the importance of preserving one’s history began as a child.

Personality: Beatrice Squire

As a retired federal worker, Beatrice Squire currently volunteers for several organizations in which a guiding hand is needed to handle deliberations for assemblies throughout the state.

Personality: Sharon Parham Blount

Sharon Parham Blount is bringing a new kind of peace to Richmond’s hungriest residents.

Personality: Ryan Andrew Dickinson

“Shocked, and overwhelmingly crippled.” That was the reaction of Ryan Andrew Dickinson, aka Bianca Blake Starr, to his victory in the 2023 Miss Gay United States Pageant last Sunday. As the 18th drag performer to win the title, Mr. Dickinson’s ...

Personality: Shirley H. Scarborough

For the past two years Shirley H. Scarborough has worked, in her own words, to create “Beauty for Ashe,” through her organization Cry Loud, Spare Not, Speak Up.

Personality: Margaret Rose ‘Meg’ Medina

Amid ongoing campaigns against certain kinds of literature in the United States, Margaret Rose “Meg” Medina has been given a new platform and new responsibility to champion the value of the written word.

Personality: Alma W. Hughes

Despite a few years of unexpected turbulence, Alma W. Hughes has led and sustained a Richmond-based musical group while forging deep connections among its members and the community.

Personality: Alexander L. Taylor Jr.

In 2022, retired Army Col. Alexander L. Taylor Jr. committed himself to a different kind of military service. A trial attorney, Mr. Taylor joined Richmond’s Military Retirees Club during its 50th anniversary celebration in June.

Personality: Scottessa A. Hurte

Scottessa A. Hurte has been a source of aid and guidance for Virginia’s small, women and minority-owned businesses during years of struggle.