Personality: Shavon M. Ragsdale

If it takes a village to raise a child, Shavon M. Ragsdale works to make sure the village is ready, willing and able to protect and support those most in need.

Personality: Renee Gaines

Across multiple roles and several years, Renee Gaines has worked to help bring transformative growth to the city of Richmond.

Personality: Greta J. Randolph

For 40 years, the Maggie L. Walker and Armstrong high schools competed in football games where the students’ competitive spirit was only matched by the camaraderie and community spirit that the classes and their respective schools brought to Richmond.

Personality: Haley M. McLaren

By leading one of the oldest artist-run galleries in the nation, Haley M. McLaren is helping to illuminate Richmond’s independent art scene.

Personality: John Michael Joyce

For the last four years, John Michael Joyce has been a helping hand for the many community services in Richmond.

Personality: Dr. Lester D. Frye

In a time of adjustment and reinvention for communities as a whole, Lester Frye is working to guide both toward a better future.

Personality: Laura Coleman

Laura Coleman knows firsthand the challenges of managing a disability, and the need for a world that fully embraces and empowers those who live with disabilities.

Personality: Kimberly M. Jennings

For the last five years, Kimberly M. Jennings has been a key part in providing life-saving resources and support for tens of thousands of Virginians who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Personality: Lucia Anna ‘Pia’ Trigiani

Lucia Anna “Pia” Trigiani is working to tell the story of an institution built around stories and histories.

Personality: Janis Allen

In a time of increased attention, discussion and potential change for Jackson Ward, Janis Allen is doing her part to make sure its history and legacy are preserved. As the newest board president of the Historic Jackson Ward Association, she ...

Personality: DaNika Neblett Robinson

In 2015, DaNika Neblett Robinson found a new path to literary success. At the suggestion of her writing mentor, Stacy Hawkins Adams, she attended the annual James River Writers conference, in hopes of finding the inspiration she needed for her ...

Personality: Jamal Brooks

Jamal Brooks was 17 years old when his education came to a sudden stop.

Personality: James B. ‘Saxsmo’ Gates Jr.

“Together we can make it!” For James B. “Saxsmo” Gates Jr., this phrase, which originated with one of his songs, is a distillation of the universality and practicality he believes is key to jazz music and the genre’s communities. An ...

Personality: Barbara S. Brown

Coming to the Table was founded in 2006 when a small group of descendants of slaves and slave holders met at a table in Harrisonburg with a goal of “Taking America Beyond the Legacy of Enslavement.”

Personality: Maureen Jules-Perez

Girls For A Change, a nonprofit youth development organization, empowers Black girls ages 9 to 18 in Central Virginia with experiences and resources that help shape their future. Maureen Jules-Perez became board president of the 20-year-old organization in the spring ...