Letters to the Editor

We will always be proud ‘Wildcats’

I always enjoy reading the “Personality” profile each week in the Richmond Free Press. I was shocked to see the Armstrong High School mascot referred to as a “Spartan” in the Richmond Free Press Nov. 24-26 edition.

Justice for Donovon Lynch

The members of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus want to reaffirm that justice must be done for Donovon Lynch — who should still be alive today. Donovon was tragically shot and killed by a Virginia Beach police officer nearly two ...

A personal memory speaks to the character of A. Donald McEachin

In the fall of 1996, I, along with LaWanda Lochart, Ermajean Booker and Sara Arthur, were facilitators of the “Law Related Education” program of the Richmond Juvenile Court, an eight-session course for at-risk youths, the successfull attendance of which helped ...

Sheriff’s authority is ‘completely separate from mine as commonwealth’s attorney’

As a longtime reader and supporter of the Free Press, it is disheartening to see the author of this article (Nov. 23-26 edition), Mr. Jeremy Lazarus, so flagrantly violate the journalistic ethics that the Free Press exemplified under the leadership ...

VLBC rejects ‘whitewash’ of state’s school curriculum

The members of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus (VLBC) write to condemn and reject the revised draft Virginia History and Social Science standards of learning proposed last Friday by the Governor’s Administration. The members of the VLBC have deep concerns ...

Birds of a feather flock together

Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s true beliefs and positions are infamously hard to pin down. After all, Gov. Youngkin’s ability to say one thing while dog-whistling another is what got him elected governor of Virginia. For those of us interested in uncovering ...

Have a heart

In the Richmond Free Press Nov. 3-5 edition there was an article about sheltering the homeless. Thanks goes out to Rhonda Sneed and her organization for working 10 to 14 hours a day delivering food, blankets and clothes to the ...

‘Modern-day segregationism hypocrisy’

When Thomas C. Williams was shown to be a mid-1800s slaveowner, as well as helping to set up the regulation of faculty at the University of Richmond, Mr. Williams was essentially disavowed after the university rechristened its T.C.Williams Law School ...

Queen Elizabeth’s death rituals reflect ‘dynasties of inbred’ rich people

Mourning of Queen Elizabeth in England betrays a singular lack of understanding of monarchy’s regressive effect on world history.

Legislation involving hate speech, misinformation not to be taken lightly

This fall, the United States Senate plans to vote on the American Innovation and Choice Online Act. While everyone agrees regulation is needed in regard to the tech industry, we, however, should not downplay some very legitimate concerns about problematic ...

No one person is to blame for RPS low test scores

As a product of Richmond Public Schools some 60 years ago, I was very disheartened to hear the news reporting how many children failed the SOL's this past school year.

How long will we accept excuses from the top?

I see that SOL scores remain low for Richmond Public Schools. I see that there were various excuses why the SOL scores were low. Illness, isolation, and trauma were faulted for these dismal test results.

Don L. Scott Jr. is ‘an inspired and inspiring man’

I read the start of the article on the front page regarding House Minority Leader Don L. Scott Jr. in the July 14-16 issue of the Richmond Free Press. Turning the page, I expected to find a few more words ...

Only $21M to rename military bases?

I’m glad that no one saw my stunned deer-in-headlight face after I recently read an editorial regarding the quoted sticker-price of $21M for renaming our military bases, but believe it or not, I do have a suggestion!

City Council collective bargaining vote is a win

I want to say kudos to Richmond City Council for voting and allowing most city employees to unionize.