Celebrating Father’s Day

What is your fondest memory of your father?

Joey Matthews | 6/19/2015, 5:32 p.m. | Updated on 6/19/2015, 5:32 p.m.
On Sunday, June 21, we celebrate Father’s Dayand all the love, lessons and gifts they give to their families and ...

Rosemary Crews of South Side

“I am reminded of just how good and strong a father he is. After my mother died, he raised four children by himself. He showed us how to have courage, be strong and never give up.”

Matt Holmes of Chesterfield County

“My dad and I go camping and hiking together. We do backpacking trips together. Last year, we hiked 15 miles on Cold Mountain (in the George Washington National Forest). It gives us time to talk and fellowship together.”

Jay Sharpe Jr. of Henrico County

“Seeing him every week is important to me. We just hang out. I love seeing his mannerisms and characteristics. He was pretty firm and no-nonsense with me growing up. It reminds me of how I’m raising my daughter, trying to guide her. I am firm with her. Some people tell me I’m old school.”

Angela Weeks of South Side

“When I was 6 years old, I gave my dad this ugly little ash tray and he made me feel so special when I gave it to him.Hewasso proud of it. It was the only one he used. It made me realize just how much he loved me. He passed 25 years ago. Now I have the ashtray, and I tell my grandchildren the story of how I gave my dad the ugly little ashtray that he loved so much.”

Karla McCollum of Henrico County

“I was an Army brat. I remember him being in the military, being stationed in Germany. He was in the military for 30 years. I remember watching all the movies and slides with him of our travels all over the world. We did that until the very end (of his life). He was a spiritual leader, a teacher and a mentor. He was very strict and by the book.”

Patrick Robertson of Chesapeake

“He taught me how to change the brakes on a car and I used his tools. It helped me realize I was becoming a man. He was an extraordinary man. He came up being a sharecropper and became a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force. He earned two master’s degrees.”