Va. Department of Elections launches ‘Vote With Confidence’

10/21/2021, noon
Concerned about the election?

Concerned about the election?

The Virginia Department of Elections has launched a new website, “Vote With Confidence” that offers residents information on when and where they can vote; key dates and deadlines for voting; how Virginia’s election process is conducted; and facts about the checks and balances used to combat any voting irregularities and ensure the accuracy of election outcomes.

The website is at www.elections.virginia.gov/voter-ed/

The site also includes a section called “Mythbusters,” offering facts versus fiction to address concerns voters may have on cybersecurity, voter fraud and other issues.

For example: “A record number of deceased voters cast ballots in 2020.”

That’s a myth, according to the website. The Virginia Department of Elections uses one of the “premier list maintenance programs in the country, including routine removal of deceased individuals” from voter rolls, according to the website. The site then offers a link to a report the public can access on voter roll maintenance efforts.

“While the voting process is something most Virginians pay attention to a few days every year, the system that ensures a trusted election outcome never stops,” said Christopher Piper, commission of the Virginia Department of Elections. “That is the job of more than 133 certified registrars and their staff who follow 470

pages of election law. They work year-round to ensure free, fair and transparent elections with the help of some 15,000 volunteers. They know how rigorous and meticulous our election process is.

“Now this website exists so the public can share that same confidence in casting their vote and in our election outcomes,” he stated.

Voters can use the new website or call the department at (800) 552-9745 with any questions about the Nov. 2 election or the process.