Let’s be clear: Teamsters Local 322 and Teamsters Local 592 are not the same

6/29/2023, 6 p.m.
I am writing to bring attention to some factual inaccuracies that were present in Jeremy Lazarus’s article titled “RPS bus …

I am writing to bring attention to some factual inaccuracies that were present in Jeremy Lazarus’s article titled “RPS bus drivers choose a new union,” published on June 15, 2023.

While I appreciate the effort put into reporting on this topic, it is essential to ensure accuracy and provide readers with correct information.

In the article, it was portrayed that Teamsters local 322 and Teamsters local 592 are the same union. However, this is incorrect. I would like to clarify that these are two distinct Teamsters Unions that represent different groups of employers in Richmond Public Schools, as well as different companies in many industries in the Richmond area. While they both share the team Teamsters name, they are separate entities from the board members down to the membership that is served.

To provide accurate information to your readers, it is crucial to understand that last month, Richmond Public Schools custodians and facility maintenance employees voted to be represented by Teamsters Local 322. This decision signifies an important step for these workers and having proper representation and a voice in their workplace.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the principals, assistant principals and directors within the Richmond Public Schools are represented by Teamsters Local 592. Recognizing the unique roles and responsibilities of these employees and their distinct union representation is essential to accurately portray the organizational structure within the school district.

I kindly request that the Richmond Free Press consider publishing a revised version of the article considering the accurate information provided above. It is important for readers to have access to factually correct information, and I believe that a published edit or a rewritten article would help rectify any potential confusion caused by the original piece.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and I hope that you will consider addressing this issue in the interest of promoting accurate reporting and providing readers with reliable information.


Communications Coordinator Teamsters Local 322


The Richmond Free Press regrets the inaccuracies included in Mr. Lazarus’ June 15, 2023 article “RPS bus drivers choose a new union.” We appreciate Mr. Maciejczak’s letter, which provides a detailed explanation regarding the distinct differences between Teamsters Local 322 and Teamsters Local 592.