Haters, you don’t know Black women, by Dr. E. Faye Williams

9/14/2023, 6 p.m.
Like many of our sisters who are doing their very best to do the right thing, I’ve had my fill …

Like many of our sisters who are doing their very best to do the right thing, I’ve had my fill of threats, too—one as late as the past week.

Mine was simply a telephone call, but the person on the call let me know he knows who I am, what I represent, and how to reach me at home.

It doesn’t bother me that the caller has my telephone number, but what is the point of all this sudden harassment of Black women?

We’ve listened to what our sister, District Attorney Fani Willis, has had to endure as she tries her best to do her job. As she follows the law faithfully, she is facing scared, small-minded men who try to change the laws to fit their purposes and try to frighten her so that she will allow obvious criminals to go free.

As Ms. Willis works to uphold the laws of our land, she has to contend with the Jim Jordans of Congress using his platform to try to harass her for doing her job. She has to contend with a person who never should have been president of the United States in the first place.

We must speak up and speak out for her protection full-time, and Black male law enforcers should be volunteering to be on her security force around the clock until these scared men get off her back.

Why should Ms. Willis have to write a nine-page letter to the likes of Jim Jordan about invoking congressional authority to intrude upon and interfere with an active criminal case which she is more than qualified to handle? She warned him to deal with reality or reality will deal with him. She lets him know he is out of his league since he is not a lawyer and that he should read the laws. She went on to give him the price of a law book. She suggested he contact the Department of Justice about stopping threats against her staff and her, and stop trying to obstruct criminal proceedings in the Trump case.

Who is this Mary McCord, who criticizes Ms. Willis about how she responded to Jim Jordan when it’s about time he gets the wrath of all Black people? When a Black woman has had enough, she’s had enough, and it’s time Ms. Willis put him in his place!

New York Attorney General Trish James has had more than her share of threats and craziness. Atlanta’s former Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has had her share. The list of threats on Black women must stop. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson had to endure the foolishness of members of the U.S. Senate like Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee when she was being questioned to become a member of the Supreme Court. Thanks for Sen. Cory Booker for speaking up.

Why does Vice President Kamala Harris have to take the abuse she is faced with daily as she speaks out on issues that matter to Black people?

How can Texans allow Ted Cruz to spew vulgarity on television, telling people to kiss parts of his body nobody I know would even want to see, and still have the people of Texas vote for him?

How do Floridians allow Ron DeSantis to remain in office with the ignorant acts and words he comes up with to injure Black people, and take away their opportunity to learn the truth about slavery, about Black History and advise them to be against wokeness on every subject he wants to hide?

When will Donald Trump go where criminals go so these otherwise probably decent people are no longer led to do stupid things on his behalf?

How can you have respect for anybody who doesn’t even do the right thing to respect our laws and our democracy?

The writer is author of “Wake Up and Stay Woke.”