RPS student achievement continues decline

8/18/2017, 2:34 a.m.
Student achievement in Richmond Public Schools continues to decline, according to Standards of Learning test scores released this week by ...

On the other end of the spectrum, however, several schools continue to struggle. The elementary schools scoring the lowest in each category were Woodville, with a 32.4 percent pass rate in reading; Chimborazo, 33.8 percent in history and social science; and Swansboro, at 21.5 percent in mathematics and 33.3 percent in science.

The new building for Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School is not improving student performance. SOL scores for students at the East End school were the lowest of all middle schools in all five subject areas.

For area high schools, the lowest performers included Armstrong, in reading at 42.5 percent; Huguenot, in writing at 47 percent; Armstrong, in history and social science at 48.2 percent; and Armstrong, in math and science at 33.7 percent and 38.6 percent, respectively.

Despite the dismal results for public schools, VDOE superintendent of instruction Steven R. Staples said the data does not present a comprehensive picture of student academic performance in Virginia.

“The long-term upward trend is far more important than a snapshot for a single year …” he said in a news release.

RPS is currently under the close scrutiny of the state Department of Education because of the division’s consistent low number of accredited schools.

As part of the process to achieve full accreditation for all city schools, Mr. Kranz submitted on July 27 an updated memorandum of understanding to the VDOE that outlines specific responsibilities of the department and the school division to be undertaken to improve the schools. The document was approved and a Corrective Action Plan is being drafted.