Trump unmasked

3/31/2017, 5:35 p.m.

We learned with last week’s whopping defeat of Trumpcare that President Trump and the GOP leaders in Congress are frauds.

We use the word “frauds” specifically because the Republican leadership and backbenchers have bellyached for the last seven and a half years about how horrible former President Obama’s signature health insurance law is. They claimed to have a plan to make everything better.

The Trumpcare bill showed us they had nothing.


Then President Trump zigzagged across the country before and after his election telling people at his wild rallies that he would repeal and replace Obamacare with a plan that would cost less and cover all people.

Trumpcare did neither.

The Congressional Budget Office determined that 14 million people would have lost their health insurance coverage in the first year alone under Trumpcare, with 24 million people booted off within 10 years. Premiums also would have increased for senior citizens.

He also promised to protect Medicaid, the federally run health insurance program that mostly serves poor Americans.

But Trumpcare would have capped Medicaid payments to states, which would have cut health care services to millions of poor people and people in nursing homes across the nation.

The fraud President Trump tried to perpetrate through Trumpcare would have given millions of dollars in tax breaks to the nation’s wealthiest and left millions of people to fend for themselves.

President Trump is a fraud.

True to form, he tried to bully Republicans into supporting Trumpcare, despite the fact that thousands of people made calls, sent letters and emails and attended town halls and rallies to tell their Washington representatives about the harm Trumpcare would cause to them and their loved ones.

Did President Trump care?


The real Donald Trump is being unmasked.

We hope his supporters will finally see who he really is, what he’s really doing and join the groundswell of people who are turning out to oppose his fraudulent measures that will harm the American people.