No game

8/2/2018, 6 a.m.

RPS has a long road ahead to renew public confidence in its integrity. In a first step in the right direction, the Carver principal has been removed and an interim replacement has been named. School officials remain mum on what will happen to the teachers involved. We believe they also should be removed.

The city and RPS are left embarrassed, and parents and community supporters want to know what’s next — not only for their children — but for the entire system.

Even as city taxpayers strain to pump in millions of dollars to fix up the long-neglected, decrepit school buildings where students are sent to learn each day, we now are faced with an even more critical dilemma that goes beyond bricks and mortar: What really is going on inside the classroom? And what can we, as a community, do to ensure that actual learning and true achievement is taking place?

Richmond doesn’t have a wealthy NBA superstar to financially kick-start an innovative new school offering STEM classes and a myriad of food, mental health, education and job services for children and their families. Instead, we need a superintendent and School Board with the outsized vision and audacious skills of LeBron James to put RPS and its 24,000 students on a path to academic achievement and success.

 Parents and the entire Richmond community want to see our children do more than just survive. We want them to thrive, now and in the future.