Omarosa and coming back home

Dr. Ron Daniels | 8/23/2018, 6 a.m.

Omarosa Manigault Newman is taking the media by storm and captivating the nation with the tell-all revelations in her book, “Unhinged,” which provides insights into the machinations of the most reckless, ruinous, racist and retrograde administration in the history of this country — that of the infamous “Orange Man,” President Trump.

My dear friend Earl Ofari Hutchinson recently wrote that Omarosa deserves “cheers” for her exposure of the inner-workings of this disastrous administration. He went on to commend Omarosa as a “great American hero.” 

Indeed, there does appear to be growing sentiment in that direction.

Sorry to be the contrarian, but I emphatically beg to differ with Earl and others who are cheering and heaping praise on Omarosa.

First, it is important to say that no human being deserves to be called a “dog” by the president of the United States. No matter what her critique of her former boss was/is, his response is uncivilized, but not uncharacteristic. That’s who the Orange Man is.

The most important question was and is, why did Omarosa join forces with President Trump in the first place? Now that she’s out, having been fired, she’s furious and firing verbal bullets at her former boss and associates in the White House. But, her outrage must not obscure the fact that Omarosa unapologetically, uncritically, enthusiastically embraced the Orange Man. She became an avid political evangelist, urging black folks to be saved by this unsavory character. That’s the point that Omarosa needs to answer to black people.

Despite warnings by numerous people, this writer included, Omarosa made a self-serving, self-aggrandizing choice to join forces with someone who had a record of racist behavior. Advancing her career as a “star” on “The Apprentice” television show was one thing. Going beyond that to cast her lot with an egomaniacal narcissist who launched the “birther” movement by relentlessly berating former President Obama was all Omarosa needed to know to refuse to join his campaign and administration. 

Now this brilliant, self-confident individual claims she was “mesmerized” by President Trump and wanted to be like him, to emulate his “success.” Really?

Omarosa betrayed the interests and aspirations of black and brown people, immigrants, women, LGBTQ persons, workers, poor people and environmentalists to pursue her career with a candidate whose agenda was/is antithetical to all these constituencies. She conveniently flipped from being a Democrat supporting the moderate-centrist Hillary Clinton to further endear herself to a candidate and political party vigorously promoting a destructive agenda for her people.

She claims she was on the inside to protect the interests of black people, but can anyone recall a single instance where she spoke truth to power out loud to protest the savage behavior of the Orange Man and the white nationalists who openly inhabited the White House with her?

No! But the Lord works in mysterious ways. Omarosa’s irate revelations and the tapes she possesses may well destroy the demon she danced with, thereby reaping a positive outcome from opportunistic, negative and unnecessary embrace of the Orange Man.

I believe in forgiveness and redemption, so there should be a path for Omarosa to come back home. But it must be based on accountability for her unrighteous behavior.

Omarosa must first openly and unequivocally confess to the original sin of betraying black people, ask for forgiveness and do penance in terms of public service. Then all should be forgiven, if not forgotten.

I’m not holding my breath waiting for that to happen. The more likely outcome is for folks to fall for the distraction as Omarosa basks in the glory of burnishing her brand and career as a reality show personality. Therefore, I will be jeering, not cheering, until she humbles herself and takes the appropriate steps to come back home.

The writer is president of the Institute of the Black World 21st Century and distinguished lecturer emeritus of York College of the City University of New York.