State NAACP on the move

1/25/2019, 6 a.m.
I have watched the Virginia State Conference NAACP up close over a number of years as a result of my ...

I have watched the Virginia State Conference NAACP up close over a number of years as a result of my membership initially in the Chesterfield County Branch NAACP and now the Richmond Branch NAACP.

As a very active member, I can attest that the state organization is now on the move in strongly advocating for the rights of people and institutions in our communities. 

The 2019 NAACP Lobby Day on Tuesday, Jan. 22, was outstanding; the NAACP 1st Thursday Town Hall Meeting concept is very much needed; and the NAACP has been involved in the House of Delegates redistricting case in federal court, along with involvement with the Virginia Board of Elections on the issue of retention of ballot images.  

State NAACP leaders also are to be applauded for having humanitarian, civil rights advocate and world-renowned actor Danny Glover as the keynote speaker at the annual state convention in Portsmouth last fall. With Mr. Glover’s presence, the dinner was a great success.

To top it all off, the NAACP’s involvement in the development of the Energy From God bill, HB 1902, which is being debated in the General Assembly, reflects a greatly renewed level of NAACP activity in looking out for the entire community.

Sadly, with all of this progress, the NAACP is going through a few growing pains. Like other positive transitions both in life and organizations, there are some who appear reluctant about moving forward rather than just dwelling on the past.

Growing pains can be difficult, especially when they become public. However, growing pains are just that — pains that somehow have to be endured to get on to a much brighter future.

It is my hope, along with that of many, many others, that the “new” NAACP leadership continues on this very positive path toward the future, while having respect for the past and those who helped to create it, and moves in ways that benefit so many who need the NAACP to help mitigate so much hurt that is going on in today’s society.

I urge everyone to become a member of the NAACP and help the new leaders as they continue to chart a very positive future here in Virginia because a strong NAACP is needed now more than ever.


North Chesterfield County