Hearing on Coliseum referendum petitions still up in the air

Jeremy M. Lazarus | 9/6/2019, 6 a.m.
Richmond Circuit Court Chief Judge Joi Jeter Taylor so far has not set a new hearing to consider whether city ...

“The Ryan case involved a candidate who had to show he had gained sufficient number of signatures in each council district. During the hearing, Ms. Showalter agreed that all of the signatures she had rejected were from qualified Richmond voters and the objection to them was that their current address put them in a different council district from the one in which they were registered, ” Mr. Goldman said.

“In this case, we are talking about a citywide advisory referendum. There is no requirement that one live in a particular council district. Ms. Showalter is eliminating people who moved from one place in the city to another place, even though they show up on the list of registered city voters and would be qualified to vote on the referendum no matter where they lived so long as it was in Richmond.”

He said he has plenty of examples of people who listed a different address than the one on the rolls who are clearly identifiable by their voting record and unique identification number that is given to each registered person.

“But she has refused to make a cursory check,” Mr. Goldman said of Ms. Showalter. “Instead of looking for ways to include people, she has taken the easiest route to exclude them.”