Joy of Dance

9/26/2014, 6 a.m.
Dance events happen all over downtown.

Dance is a joyous expression of art, creativity and even health. Last week, dance reigned supreme at events in Downtown. Above, Natesa Kauthuvum, performs a Lord Shiva dance with another student of teacher Uma Chetty during the 2014 Festival of India on Saturday at the Greater Richmond Convention Center.

Left, Imani Bell and members of the Elegba Folklore Society and Culture4MyKids dance in an energizing Timbuk Fitness program that incorporates African dance. The organizations conducting the fitness workout were taking part in the 2014 Amazing Raise Nonprofit Win-Win Challenge, which raised more than $630,000 for 270 nonprofits. Location: Elegba Folklore Society’s Cultural Center, 101 E. Broad St.