Richmonders should help police stop violence

5/26/2022, 6 p.m.
It seems that people are becoming numb to all of these killings in Richmond.

It seems that people are becoming numb to all of these killings in Richmond. Holding vigils for the deceased is nice, but that will not bring back the victims.

Saying these killings have to stop over and over again sounds good, but that has not solved the situation.

I would personally like to know how do we plan to tackle this epidemic? I know we have received grants to hopefully help curb this problem. But more needs to be done.

The community needs to be more engaged in telling the police what they see and what they know. I understand many times bystanders are afraid to say what they saw in fear of being targeted by the criminals. Thank goodness everyone does not feel this way.

If your family member was caught up in a violent crime, you would hope someone would tell the police what they saw. The next time you observe or witness a violent crime just think of it in that manner. The police cannot do it alone. We also must be the eyes and ears in the community.

With the weather getting warmer, hopefully Richmond’s chief of police will employ more officers on foot patrol in the hot spot areas. Perhaps this will curtail some of the violent crimes.

With warmer weather, more people will be outside and this will give the criminals more of an opportunity to engage in violent or criminal acts. We, the citizens, must be vigilant at all times, whether it is day or night, so that we can help curtail some of the violence coming our way.

Many violent acts are occurring in broad daylight, so never get too relaxed when walking around. Yes, we must all work together to make our communities a safer place. Yes, we must be the eyes and ears of the communiuty.

Ernest Parker Jr.


The writer retired from criminal justice services after more than 30 years of service.