No one person is to blame for RPS low test scores

9/8/2022, 6 p.m.
As a product of Richmond Public Schools some 60 years ago, I was very disheartened to hear the news reporting ...

As a product of Richmond Public Schools some 60 years ago, I was very disheartened to hear the news reporting how many children failed the SOL's this past school year. Unfortunately, these last three years have taken a toll on everyone, especially the children. However, I do not feel the "blame" should be put on on any one person or issue.

As I see it, there are numerous issues/persons who are involved:

The teachers are out of steam in dealing with behavioral, mental, and emotional issues from children, who have not been taught to resect adults. Some of the children fight and curse the teachers. So many of the children have mental and emotional problems and, unfortunately, these problems show up in the schools and classrooms. Many teachers don't feel they have the support of the administrations, who often have their hands tied. Often, teachers are just burnt out.

Then there are parents who do not supports the schools in the educational process. There are parents who have not taught their children any anger management because they don't practice it themselves. They threaten school officials and will not allow their children to be disciplined. They do not demand respect from their children and they do not respect their children. Respect should start at home.

So many children have to deal with adult issues at home and they do not know how to handle these problems. Mental health services are lagging behind or not taken advantage of by those who really need them.

So many home problems are brought to the schools for the school officials to solve, which are often-times impossible.

You have adults who are more concerned about the clothes their children can wear than the education their children are receiving and how they can participate in the education process.

It appears the School Board cannot work together for the good of the children they have been appointed to serve. It appears that teamwork is an issue for some members. Members do not want to agree to disagree to work on issues that effect everyone. I often wonder if any of the School Board members just show up at some of the "problem" schools during the day to see what the teachers, in-school administrators and other other staff are dealing with on a daily basis.

I KNOW there are children in all of the Richmond Public Schools district who want to learn and parents who are willing to work to accomplish these goals. There are teachers who want to teach. Unfortunately, the news reports don't report about the children who did improve their SOL scores, passed their SOLS and are working diligently to improve their lives through education.

I know there are schools who have administrations, teachers and parents, who are making attempts to work with the children to accomplish great things that are often not recognized and reported by the media.


Henrico County