Just resign, Joe

1/19/2023, 6 p.m.
On the front page of this week’s Free Press, Myrna Morrissey, 26, says that she left her husband, Virginia Sen. …

On the front page of this week’s Free Press, Myrna Morrissey, 26, says that she left her husband, Virginia Sen. Joe Morrissey, 65, in 2019 after three years of marriage.

But long before Mrs. Morrissey publicly revealed the couple’s separation, rumors swirled throughout Richmond about the Morrisseys’ troubled marriage, living arrangements and other matters that most folks consider private. The rumors intensified leading up to Mr. Morrissey’s run and subsequent loss in the Democratic “firehouse” primary for the 4th District Congressional in mid-December.

Apparently voters who stood in line for several hours to elect Sen. Morrissey’s opponent, state Sen. Jennifer McClellan, by a hefty 85 percent of the vote, finally had grown weary of the publicity-hungry senator who, throughout his years in public office, consistently has thumbed his nose at moral and societal standards.

Like a spoiled and privileged child, the senator’s past and current behavior is rooted in nothing more than self-interest and hav- ing his own way. One would think that the political thumping he received last month would convince Sen. Morrisey to shut up and sit down.

But no.

Rather, the feud between Sen. Morrissey and his estranged wife recently played out on social media and intensified the flames that Sen. Morrissey is known for igniting. Instead of past photos of a loving couple surrounded by their three smiling children, Instagram posts detailed the troubled relationship.

In an Instagram post now removed, Mrs. Morrissey said, “I’ve saved face for this man, protected this man, lied, cheated and stole for this man because you can’t have me the way you want and that I really moved on with my life he would stoop so low as accusing me and someone close to me of abusing my child! Anyone that knows ME, knows what a damn good mother I am to MY children.

Meanwhile, an Instagram post reported to come from the senator’s office alleged that one of his sons had been abused by his estranged wife’s male acquaintance, leading to an investigation by Chesterfield County Police.

Separately, without naming names, the department said in a statement: “The Chesterfield County Police Department received a report of alleged child abuse regarding a child who may possibly have been assaulted by an offender known to him. At this time, the report is assigned to a detective in our Special Investigations Unit and is being investigated. The investigation is in its preliminary stages and the safety of the child is paramount at this time. There are no further details to be released.”

Meanwhile, as Mrs. Morrissey tells the Free Press, an emergency protective order on Saturday that placed her children with a “neutral party” has been extended. She has not seen her children, ages 7, 6 and 4, in nearly one week.

Such a sad, sordid saga.

Just as American voters grew weary of Donald Trump’s misogynistic and narcissist behavior, Richmonders are tired of Joe Morrissey’s MESS. We should not be forced to tolerate such tawdriness from our elected officials, whether they sit in the White House or in the Virginia General Assembly.


Joe Morrissey, get your business straight and your house in order.

Joe Morrissey, resign NOW.