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Rev. Calvin Butts, influential pillar of Harlem, dies at 73

The Rev. Calvin O. Butts III, who fought poverty and racism and skillfully navigated New York’s power structure as pastor of Harlem’s historic Abyssinian Baptist Church, died Oct. 28 at age 73, the church announced.

Black church tradition survives Georgia’s voting changes

Black church leaders and activists in Georgia rallied Sunday in a push to get congregants to vote — a long-standing tradition known as “souls to the polls” that is taking on greater meaning this year amid new obstacles to casting ...

CeCe Winans first Black female to win Dove Artist of the Year

CeCe Winans, already a multi-Grammy-winning gospel singer, added a historic win at the 2022 GMA Dove Awards, the contemporary Christian music honors, becoming the first African-American female solo artist to be named Artist of the Year.

Scholar and preacher Walton named next president of Princeton Seminary

The Rev. Jonathan Lee Walton, an academician, preacher and administrator who has served on the faculties of Wake Forest and Harvard divinity schools, has been named the next president of Princeton Theological Seminary.

Church leaders want public lands to better reflect Black history

Growing up in Charleston, South Carolina, the Rev. Carey A. Grady heard about the history of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and its connection to a slave revolt planned by Denmark Vesey — long before it was the site of ...

New dating apps — and ‘in person’ mixers — target religious and political niches

Dating today can be a bit like ordering at Chipotle. The universe of dating apps makes it easier than ever to custom-order a partner of your choosing — their height, their food preferences, their religion.

Greening project at South Side church designed to reduce pollution

Nearly 50 trees are now growing in a portion of the parking lot of Branch’s Baptist Church, 3400 Broad rock Blvd. in South Side.

Fourth Baptist Church minister says he will resign

Dr. William E. Jackson Sr. plans to step down as pastor of historic Fourth Baptist Church in Church Hill.

Episcopal Diocese of Chicago’s first Black female bishop takes office

Everyone would have understood if Bishop Paula E. Clark had stepped away from her call to lead the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago, said her fellow bishop, Mariann Edgar Budde of Washington, D.C.

‘Fifth Little Girl’ of 1963 Klan bombing reunites with nurse

When an initially blinded, and nearly lifeless, 12-year-old girl found in the rubble of a church bombing was wheeled onto the 10th floor of University Hospital in Birmingham nearly 60 years ago, one of the first people to tend to ...

Fourth Baptist Church votes to keep trustees, finance team

A two-year battle for control of historic but fractured Fourth Baptist Church ended Monday night with a stinging defeat for the pastor, Dr. William E. Jackson Sr., and his deacon allies.

Members to decide fate of Fourth Baptist Church’s funds, trustees

The battle for control of Fourth Baptist Church will come down to an in-person congregational meeting scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 19.

Ministers, medical experts honored

A group that was launched two years ago to provide Black pastors with information on Covid-19 and other health issues to share with their congregants received recognition from City Council Monday.

‘Honk for Jesus’ a wild ride that drives home paradox of faith in the Black church

“If you can’t say ‘amen,’ then say ‘ouch.’” If you’ve spent any considerable length of time in a traditional Black church context, you’ve heard this. It’s usually said by a preacher when they know a sermon is hitting a little ...

Sistine Chapel frescoes come to Richmond

Most people know about the remarkable paintings that Michelangelo created on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, even if they have never been to Rome. Now Richmond area residents can get a close-up view of his famous frescoes that still ...