Living and learning as classrooms dominate the culture wars in America, by Errin Haines

School’s out for the summer, but the culture wars around education aren’t taking a break. This month, a pair of convenings again showed how the issue is breaking down.

Where are we?, by Faye Williams

As children, when my siblings and I did something good, my mother never failed to compliment us. On the other hand, when we did something bad, she never failed to chastise us by providing a bit of corrective action!

Learn, lead and lift, by Darrell K. Williams

After several weeks of national debate, there is broader understanding of the Supreme Court’s ruling on affirmative action and the redefined legal framework that governs diversity initiatives in higher education. The decision reaffirms the importance diversity plays in fostering inclusive ...

Early voting’s pivot as Youngkin’s pawn

Why are Republicans like Gov. Glenn A. Youngkin suddenly supportive of early voting and same-day registration after spending the past legislative session fruitlessly seeking to get rid of those options?

Lady Soul’s legacy

Many of us have experienced family feuds upon the death of a loved one. Often, before the dearly departed’s body “is cold,” as they say, fights, both physical and verbal, occur.

Clarence Thomas hates Black people, by Julianne Malveaux

As a child in Pinpoint, Ga., Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was hazed by his classmates with the moniker “America’s Blackest Child.”

Pence is wrong about inequity in education, by Marc Morial

“Decades of research indicate that racism undergirds our public institutions and shapes various aspects of our contemporary society, including public policies. These policies, in turn, shape local school practices that impact the day to day experiences of students in classrooms. ...

Gun buyback programs are ‘waste of time’

Jeremy Lazarus is correct when he reported that gun buy-back programs do not work; they do nothing to stop gun violence.

Color struck court

For many of us, the joys of summer involve spending time in our gardens, toiling intently until a chorus of red, white, blue or purple flora reveal a luminous rainbow to be admired by anyone in sight. Yet, too often, ...

Holistic approach an alternative to affirmative action, by Clarence Page

Reading about the Supreme Court’s unsurprising affirmative action ruling, I was reminded of Sen. Hubert Humphrey’s defense of the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act.

‘Our country has never been colorblind’, by Dr. E. Faye Williams

Elections always have consequences and this week we experienced Part Two of the Pro-Republican/Pro-Conservative Supreme Court. When we connect the dots, we realize the connection between Donald Trump and three of the six justices who voted to terminate Rowe AND ...

The big payback

This week Virginia Commonwealth University will conduct another public forum about how the Medical College of Virginia, now known as VCU, can atone for being “embedded” in slavery since its beginning in 1838. The forums follow a report which revealed ...

A Supreme surprise: How the Right rescued the Voting Rights Act, by Clarence Page

Although largely upstaged by former President Donald Trump’s federal indictment, the Supreme Court’s voting rights decision earlier this month is likely to have a game-changing impact for many years to come.

Good jobs will come from a cleaner economy, by Ben Jealous

My father’s family once operated woolen mills in New England. Those factories no longer exist, across America like 63,000 factories that have shuttered since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was passed three decades ago.

Let’s be clear: Teamsters Local 322 and Teamsters Local 592 are not the same

I am writing to bring attention to some factual inaccuracies that were present in Jeremy Lazarus’s article titled “RPS bus drivers choose a new union,” published on June 15, 2023.