Georgia’s case against Donald Trump’s team shows the real crime — against voters, by Clarence Page

Are you the sort of aging baby boomer who can’t hear the opening notes of Rossini’s “William Tell Overture” without thinking of the Lone Ranger?

Racist attacks can’t hide lawlessness in Fulton County’s case against Trump, by Marc H. Morial

“With Trump, you don’t need to look for a dog whistle. It’s a bull horn when it comes to race. And I do think that’s deliberate. We’ve seen the — I mean, slanderous attacks that he has put out against ...

What’s in a name?

Richmond has gone to considerable expense to get rid of its public display of affection for its Confederate and slavery past.

Not a ‘brawl,’ but a vicious attack, by Julianne Malveaux

We need to watch our language.

Defend democracy, demand diversity, defeat poverty, by Marc H. Morial

“For more than 100 years, this organization has worked to bring our country together in coalition in the collective fight for the freedom, rights, and justice of all people. ... We know we have more work to do, being clear-eyed ...

Vaccines provide hope and care, by Bel-Kelly Russo

Seven years after my father passed, I recently experienced an unexpected emotion: Hope.

Smoke and mirrors

Last week, City Hall pulled back from installing a “burn building” where firefighters could train in handling simulated fires on 2-acres of lawn at the Hickory Hill Community Center in South Side.

Handling extremism, by Dr. E. Faye Williams

At one time we could confidently turn to the U.S. Supreme Court for relief from extremist behavior that attempted to take away rights we already had or rights we were fighting to achieve. Today, unfortunately, we experience extremism in so ...

FTC hindering Black economic achievement, by Julianne Malveaux

The Biden administration has been pushing hard for credit for its significant economic successes. Coining the phrase “Bidenomics,” the term is meant to direct attention toward the administration’s striking successful economic agenda.

Virginia NAACP responds to traffic stop data

The Virginia State Conference NAACP (Virginia NAACP) acknowledges the findings of the 2023 Report on Analysis of Traffic Stop Data Collected under Virginia’s Community Policing Act. It continues to be alarming that Black drivers are 19.4% of the driving population ...

Richmond Area SCLC opposes closing early voting locations

The Richmond Area Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which represents Central Virginia as a chartered member of the national SCLC, would like to express our disappointment with and determination to address the decision by the City of Richmond Electoral Board to ...

Standing ovation

Let us cheer Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity for standing up to bigotry.

Undermining trust

Trust in government is basic to democracy.

Lives well lived in service to others

Let us pay tribute to two remarkable women who left their mark on the world: New Jersey Lt. Gov. Sheila Y. Oliver and educator and perennial Richmond volunteer Dr. Cora S. Salzberg.

A ‘woke’ military? Don’t forget the messy race relations that got us here, by Clarence Page

Recent Republican moves to limit diversity training and transgender rights and other hot button controversies stemming from the annual defense authorization bill remind me of my own days in uniform back when some of those diversity policies were being created.