The governor’s good choice

Last week, we reported that Gov. Glenn Youngkin had tapped beverage industry veteran Dale Farino as the new chief executive officer of the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority (ABC).

Welcome Pharrell

Filming has begun on a biopic of producer and Virginia native Pharrell Williams, with a shoot happening at Henrico’s Seven Gables Apartments recently.

Hi, my name is ..

Longtime reader, first time managing editor — of the Richmond Free Press. I’m Craig Belcher.

Is Chicago ready for the next Democratic convention?, by Clarence Page

When a friend reminded me that it’s almost time for the Democratic National Convention, I wanted to say, “That’s OK, I’m good with the last one.”

AIPAC’s role in the war between Israel and Palestine, by Julianne Malveaux

Let me begin with the obligatory statements. What happened on Oct. 7, 2023, was horrible.

Palpable relief doesn’t ease the pain

For anyone who owns a home or land, it has become common to receive a text or letter from a persistent real estate agent or investor offering to purchase their property. In most Black communities, where homeowners have labored long …

Loss of support from Republican evangelicals suits MAGA crowd just fine, by Clarence Page

Black voters traditionally have been pivotal to the fortunes of the Democratic Party, but some recent polls have suggested that they are proving less bankable for President Biden than in the past. Whether or not as many as 20% of …

Earth Day: A sense of wonder, by Bobby Whitescarver

My wife and I are cattle farmers in Virginia’s legendary Shenandoah Valley. Early in our marriage, Jeanne gave me a nickname: “Walk Slow, Stand Around.” Yep, that’s me. Sure, it’s funny. And it’s true. But I’m not lazy; I just …

An American lament, by Dwight Cunningham

t’s tough being an American. It’s hard to know your worth when you’re Black, or Latino, Native American or Asian, Muslim, gay or whatever. Seems today’s patriotic ideal American isn’t any of “those people,” as the powerful spend considerable time …

The confounding case of O.J. Simpson

There are a lot of things in this country that can make some people reach their boiling point.

Discriminatory laws have driven Black voters from the polls, by Marc H. Morial

“If the United States wants to make good on its foundational claims of a democratic system of governance open to all citizens, it must find ways to close the racial turnout gap. Wider now than at any point in at …

Better public understanding of domestic violence was the one silver lining from O.J. Simpson’s fall, by Clarence Page

Has the search for Nicole Simpson’s “real killer” officially ended? Not that I expected to find out more than we already know. The leading suspect in the slaying of his ex-wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman continued to …

A new deal

The Richmond city government is pushing the idea of using special revenue bonds to finance the new Diamond Stadium and the first phase of infrastructure work in the Diamond District.

Let’s show up and show out

Members and supporters of the Save Community Hospital Work Group remain vigilant in their quest to have Virginia Union University officials publicly declare that the historically Black university will not demolish the former hospital on Overbrook Road.

Deriding DEI is the right’s attempt at a polite way to attack civil rights, by Clarence Page

“DEI mayor.” That’s how a troll on X, formerly Twitter, labeled a news clip of Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott delivering an update on the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge after it was struck by a massive cargo ship. …