4/8/2017, 10:02 a.m.
We shudder thinking about the buffoonery of the Virginia unit leaders of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
Dr. King

Dr. King must be turning over in his grave.

Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Rep. Cedric Richmond of Louisiana offered this statement Tuesday on the anniversary of Dr. King’s death:

“The bullets that tore through the body of Dr. King on this day 49 years ago tore through the heart and soul of the African-American community. And sadly, even after Dr. King and his family sacrificed so much, the country has not realized his dream.

“Although we have made much progress since 1968, African-Americans still find themselves fighting the same battles. We face racial disparities in education, health care, housing, unemployment and many other areas of public life. We also face economic disparities such as wage discrimination, which is what Dr. King was in Memphis protesting.

“African-Americans have fought and died to make this country a more perfect union, and on this day every year, we feel the truth of that statement more deeply. The gunman who shot Dr. King killed the dreamer, but he did not kill the dream, and the Congressional Black Caucus will continue fighting for Dr. King’s dream by pushing and prodding this country to live up to its highest ideals.”

Don’t misunderstand: We have no quarrel with Rev. Keen and Mr. Shannon meeting with Mr. Sessions. Surely, the problems facing the African-American community and communities of color in this nation are vast and need redress. But what promises or payments were made for them to present Mr. Sessions with such a proclamation?

We don’t need our leaders to make Stepin Fetchit moves. We need men and women of substance and backbone who can meet our detractors on our own terms.

Whatever Rev. Keen and Mr. Shannon hoped to gain, they failed miserably.