Kudos to VUU Lady Panthers

4/8/2017, 10:09 a.m.

Re “VUU women return home to cheers despite loss in NCAA final,” March 30-April 1 edition:

Congratulations to the Virginia Union University women’s basketball team and coaches for a fine season.

Even though you lost to Ashland University in the NCAA Division II final, you made us very proud. This historically black university team showed everyone they can compete on a high level.

The game was broadcast on national television and the Lady Panthers played their hearts out. This shows that with the right players and good coaching, we can do well in any sport.

Regardless of the final score, VUU gave their opponents all they could handle and more. You could tell that the VUU women were not awestruck by their opponents. The Lady Panthers felt as though they could win.

To the VUU women’s team, thanks for the great season and fond memories. I, along with others, must give you a standing ovation for your accomplishments this season. I know bigger and better things are on the horizon.

Keep up the good work and continue to reach for the stars.