Good luck

10/19/2017, 6:42 p.m.

We congratulate the School Board on its selection of Cheryl L. Burke to succeed Nadine Marsh-Carter as the 7th District representative.

The selection was necessitated by Ms. Marsh-Carter’s resignation following the death of her husband.

In our view, Ms. Burke brings the kind of insider perspective needed on a board, mostly composed of people with only limited and outside connections to our schools.

She is taking her seat as the board is poised to name a new superintendent from the list drawn up by its search committee headed by Dominion CEO Tom Farrell.

With 38 years of experience as a teacher and principal, including 18 years at the helm of Chimborazo Elementary, she has served under multiple chief executives of Richmond Public Schools.

As a result, Ms. Burke should bring fresh insight to this crucial selection of a person, who, hopefully, can help improve our schools and end the slide in academic achievement.

Her participation should improve the board’s questioning of candidates and the board’s discussions as the choices are narrowed to the finalist.

So, Ms. Burke, we wish you good luck as you take on a new role in your educational career.