Let’s get ready to rumble

11/15/2019, 6 a.m.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a spectacular night for a heavyweight live political title bout here at the O.S.A. arena ...

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a spectacular night for a heavyweight live political title bout here at the O.S.A. arena in downtown Philadelphia.

In the blue corner, weighing in as the former heavyweight vice president of the United States of America, and coming straight from out of Scranton Penn., Joooeee...Biiideeen....

And in the red corner, weighing in as a real estate mogul, representing Washington, D.C., the current president of the United States of America, the orange bomber himself, Dooonaaald...Tru- uump...

OK men, let’s have a clean fight. touch gloves and come out fighting. Referee, Bryant Culpepper Sr. will be officiating tonight’s event sooo...let’s get ready to rrummmble...

The bell sounds. Round one begins. Both fighters are measuring each other’s skills and abilities. Trump threw a wild jab, but Biden slipped in an uppercut. Trump countered with a hard body shot, took the wind out of Biden.

This is going to be an interesting match ladies and gentlemen, and, oh, what a night for fighting. Trump won the first two rounds, had Biden on the ropes. But little did he knew, it was the Democratic rope-a-dope.

By the end of round six, Trump grew short of breath. Biden reserved his energy to put the Republican to the real test.

Round seven was a duel, and Joe Biden was getting it in. Slowly, Trump was losing support, and left without a friend.

But lo and behold, Trump connected with a right, and then a left to the jaw. But Biden just shook it off, and changed his style to southpaw.

The fight went on and on, these men are fighting hard, because at the end of tonight’s battle, there will be no splits on any card.

Round nine got close to the time, both men were fighting to win. Someone has to go down real quick, because this fight’s scheduled for 10.

But down goes Biden, and the ref began to count. When the count got up to five, Joe Biden began to mount.

He got up on his feet, his eyes began to swell. The ref looked at him real close, but he’s been saved by the bell.

Round 10 and the final round, both fighters are throwing blows — Biden with the swollen eyes, and Trump the broken nose.

Trump again got weary, from skills of the rope-a-dope. Not Biden this time with shaky knees; it’s Trump who’s on the ropes.

Biden connected with an uppercut, Trump’s knees began to shake. Hit Trump so hard it shook the arena, ’til it felt like an earthquake.

Looks like this fight’s over, Biden’s going for the seat. Are we going to have a new champion, when Trump said he couldn’t be beat.

Down goes Trump, fought and struggled to get back up. But by the time he stood on his feet, Biden came with a fierce uppercut.

The ref began an eight count, Trump could no longer go on. The real man for the win uses his mind not his brawn.

So you see, bullies never win, and for a moment they fly high. But at the end of every day, the biggest spec is in their eye.

And for a while Trump had his glory, but a crushing end was his fate. Tonight he lost by T.K.O., lost his title of the state.

A new champion has arisen, fought hard to attain this seat. Took the crown from the one who swore, in life he couldn’t be beat.

So learn this lesson of whom Democrats taught, the skills of the rope-a-dope. Come the month of November of the year 2020, come one come all, and come vote.