Mayden brothers pitch Black-owned baseball league open to all

Fred Jeter | 12/7/2023, 6 p.m.
Think you can play baseball? Here’s your chance.

Think you can play baseball? Here’s your chance.

A Black-owned league called A League Of Our Own Independent Baseball League (ALOOO) is starting up in 2024, with tryouts beginning Jan. 6.

The co-founders are Chicago-based brothers Michael and Melvin Mayden.

“The reason you don’t see more Blacks in baseball is because of a lack of opportunity,” Michael Mayden told The Free Press. “We’re trying to rekindle the flame.”

Michael Mayden has ties to Richmond. He knew and admired the late Raymond H. Boone, The Free Press founder, editor and publisher, and has worked closely in the past with William Forrester of the Richmond-based Metro Junior Baseball League.

“We’d like to have a tryout Richmond, but it would be too cold in January, maybe April or May,” Mayden said.

Michael Mayden is a former major-league baseball scout with five different organizations.

As of now, the closest ALOOO tryouts would be in Rocky Mount and Raleigh, N.C., with no set dates.

The ALOOO is open to everyone of all races, starting at age 17. There is no maximum age. Players will not be paid, so high school and collegiate eligibility would not be affected.

No previous experience is required.

All an applicant must do is show up and show their stuff.

The league will consist of four teams playing 50 games in 50 days, starting Labor Day weekend and ending Oct. 19.

Games will be streamed on ALOOO website, ALeagueofourown247.com. For more information, call 205-264-1468.