4 school rezoning plans are up for final consideration

Jeremy M. Lazarus | 11/8/2019, 6 a.m.
Four school rezoning plans — two of which include proposals for pairing some elementary schools and all of which keep ...

Cary and Fox elementaries also would be paired, with K-3 at Fox and grades 4-5 at Cary.

Munford-Carver also would feed Hill Middle School, while Fox-Cary students would move on to Binford Middle School.

Other changes call for Overby-Sheppard Elementary students to go to Henderson Middle, with Carver students going to Albert H. Hill Middle School, instead of Henderson.

Plan Y retains the South Side and East End elementary rezoning, but does not include any pairing options. Instead Ginter Park, Holton and Obama would trade areas to better balance usage and demographics.

Cary and Fox would trade areas to balance. Carver would gain students living north of Broad Street who are currently zoned for Fox. There would be no impact on Munford.

Again, Carver would be shifted to feed Hill Middle, while Overby-Sheppard would feed Henderson.

Plan Z also retains the South Side and East End elementary school rezoning changes from Plan W and calls for pairing only Munford and Cary, with K-2 at Munford and grades 3-5 at Cary. Fox also would add students now zoned for Cary, while students living north of Broad Street would attend Carver.

In the North Side, there would be no boundary changes or pairing. The only significant change would be to have Carver students feed into Hill Middle School.